Academic Excellence

FGV EBAPE offers internationally recognized education programs at all levels, from undergraduate to academic or professional graduate programs. Find out more about the exclusive programs offered by FGV EBAPE. 

Among the best business schools in the world

FGV EBAPE has been accredited for its excellent academic provision by international accreditation institutions, including: 

“FGV EBAPE opened extremely strategic doors and helped me form who I am. Use the structure you have at the school today because success only happens when preparation meets opportunity.” 

Anna Vasconi Speroni

Bachelor’s degree in administration Chief Operating Office at Hive Marketing Technology
Foto de Anna Speroni em preto e branco, mulher com cabelo comprido e sorrindo.

“FGV EBAPE enabled me to think more analytically, which gave me an excellent basis for discussing and negotiating in any area. I used to do everything by instinct, and over time I learned, based on guidance within the school, to analyze before making decisions.” 

Raphael Tomé

Bachelor’s degree in administration Head of Business & Sales at Loft
Raphael Tomé na foto, está de camiseta verde sorrindo, seu cabelo é curto.

“Graduating from the school prepared me for a master’s degree at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. This achievement was only possible because I studied at FGV EBAPE, which offered the support I needed for my professional growth. From the beginning of the program, we are encouraged to seek academic references, to put the lessons into practice, and to look for information in English.” 

Caroline Galatoli

Graduação em Administração Senior Enterprise Representative, Templafy na Dinamarca

Research Centers

FGV EBAPE has five research centers responsible for innovative projects, surveys, censuses, reflections, and insights for academic publications. The results of research and studies are published in books, scientific journals, and the press. 

Center for Applied Research on Accounting and Data Analysis (ARC-A&A)

The center’s main mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge in accounting and data analysis. The studies developed seek to solve problems in planning, budgeting, accounting, auditing, and data analysis. 

ARC-A&A cooperates with other internationally recognized research centers and has published studies in leading academic journals. The center also prepares white papers influencing policymakers, standard-setters, and regulators. 


Center for Applied Research on People Management (ARC-PM)

The Center for Applied Research on People Management (ARC-PM) is dedicated to studies on leadership, (sub) systems of Human Resources, people analytics and, fundamentally, issues of social justice that affect non-hegemonic groups (race, ethnicity, nationality, migration, class gender identity and expression), including all other domains of diversity in human relationships. 

Center for Behavioral Research (CBR)

CBR develops interdisciplinary research to understand the influence of the economy, the environment, and the social context on individual decision-making in businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations. 

The center’s mission is to improve social well-being through research. 


Center for Banking and Finance Research in Rio (CBFR)

CBFR promotes cutting-edge international research in banking and finance, cooperating with researchers from virtually every continent. In addition, it is a forum for knowledge transfer and collaboration between academics and market professionals. 

Among the topics researched are: 

  • Functioning of credit markets; 
  • Importance of the banking system for the economy; 
  • The interrelationship between regulation of financial and banking markets and the quality of their services. 

Center for Research in Public Security (CCAS)

The CCAS seeks to encourage the use of scientific evidence in decision-making in the areas of public security and criminal justice. To this end, the Center collaborates in the development of management courses and works, in co-creation with the public sector, on the formulation and testing of new public security programs. 

Center for Competitiveness and Innovation Studies (CECIN)

FGV EBAPE’s CECIN develops applied research in competitiveness and innovation, carrying out projects with researchers and public and private organizations at a national and international level. 

CECIN’s central objective is to be a reference in Brazil and Latin America in applied research in competitiveness, efficient public management, economic studies, public and business innovation, creative industries, and the experience economy. 


Center for Sustainability & Risk Management (CESGRi)

The Research Center for Sustainability & Risk Management (CESGRi), was set up to support public and private organizations in the development of specific knowledge in organizational, institutional, and operational risk management. By way of applied research, CESGRi maps the culture, institutional voids, and operations management of public and private organizations that imply possible risks for these organizations’ different stakeholders.

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