IGC/MEC rankings solidify FGV EBAPE as Brazil's premier educational institution

FGV EBAPE achieved its highest score to date since the inception of the Index.


On April 12, 2024, the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) unveiled the 2022 results of the Índice Geral de Cursos (IGC) (General Index of Programs). FGV EBAPE secured the top position nationally, boasting the highest score ever recorded since the index’s establishment.

imagemThe IGC is one of MEC’s foremost quality benchmarks for assessing higher education institutions nationwide. FGV EBAPE’s attainment underscores its unwavering dedication to excellence in both teaching and research within the field of Administration

FGV EBAPE’s exceptional performance in the IGC mirrors its numerous other triumphs throughout 2023, including securing the highest rating in evaluations conducted by the Brazilian agency Capes and in the national assessment Enade. Additionally, the school obtained key international accreditations, further affirming its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, thus maintaining its status as a pioneer and leader in the field over the years.

About the IGC

The IGC calculation occurs annually, factoring in the average of the Preliminary Concepts of the Programs over the past three years, the average evaluation concepts of academic graduate programs determined by CAPES in the preceding four-year evaluation cycle, and the distribution of students across different educational levels within the institution (undergraduate and graduate academic programs).

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