Program duration
22 months
Class starts
Application period
05/02 - 24/05/2024
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The Professional Master´s in Public Administration (MAP) is offered in two modalities: regular and intensive. The defense of the Final Paper is a requirement for both modalities. 

How does it work? 

Regular Class: 

Face-to-face classes: quarterly. 

Total duration of the program: 22 months. 

Intensive Class: 

Face-to-face classes: 12 weeks (total); 

Interval between face-to-face meetings: approximately six weeks; 

Total duration of the course: 22 months; 

Frequency and hours

All students must take two courses (per academic quarter, in the regular modality, and per week, in the intensive modality). 

In the regular modality, students attend classes twice a week. In the intensive modality, students attend classes from Monday to Friday in the morning and afternoon. 

In the intensive modality, one course is attended on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, while the other is taken on Thursday and Friday. 

Area of occupation

The Professional Master´s in Public Administration (MAP) is a prestigious program with the best faculty in the country and prepares professionals to work in different areas of the Brazilian and international public sectors. The program also opens doors to jobs in consulting firms and to academic careers.

Professionals with a master’s degree from MAP can work in different areas, such as direct and indirect public administration, regulatory agencies, the nonprofit sector, social entrepreneurship, and international relations.

Master’s Degree

Master’s Degree in Public Administration

Head of the Professional Master's in Public Administration (MAP)

Head of the Professional Master's in Public Administration

Professor Alketa Peci
PhD in Administration 

Deputy Head of the Professional Master's in Public Administration

Professor Aline Menezes
PhD in Administration 

About Us

International experience



Academic Excellence


MAP’s professors stand out for their academic quality and are among the best in the country. They all hold PhDs obtained in prestigious institutions, actively participate in internationally recognized conferences and research projects, and publish technical and scientific research in leading journals worldwide. 


Student Research Incentive

Research is a fundamental and challenging part of the master’s degree. Therefore, MAP stimulates students to be critical thinkers, motivating them to engage in collaboration activities with partner teaching and research institutions, publish their research, and participate in congresses worldwide. 


FGV EBAPE offers complete and up-to-date databases. It is an outstanding collection in Brazil, and students can access extensive databases and indexes at the school’s premises or online. 

Students and professors can access content and case studies from the Harvard Business School (HBS). They have the right to a digital subscription to the Financial Times (FT) platform, with access to the research area and complete content on business, careers, news, and sustainability. 

Teaching Training





Integration and networking

In addition to the interaction provided within the MAP classrooms, students can take courses in other FGV EBAPE master’s degree programs, up to a limit of three elective courses. It is an opportunity to engage in a rich exchange of experiences crossing the fields of public and business administration. 

Such integration and networking have produced national and international alliances among FGV EBAPE graduate students, building solid partnerships between public agency managers, for example, and leading to valuable experience exchanges. 


Multicultural experience

The Professional Master in Public Administration (MAP) strengthens and increases student and faculty cultural exchange, allowing students to obtain a broad multicultural experience of academic and extracurricular activities at the national and international levels. 

Students are encouraged to submit their research works to academic conferences, increasing their repertoire and network of contacts. 



FGV EBAPE’s Alumni Network offers a channel so students can suggest activities, share experiences, and disseminate projects and other initiatives. 

Learn about the Alumni Network 

“The Professional Master’s Program in Public Administration at FGV EBAPE offered a broader and deeper view of the Brazilian state, which was fundamental in my approval to be a Substitute Councilor.” 

Felipe Puccioni

Alumno | Professional Master's in Public Administration (MAP)
Counselor of the Court of Auditors of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro

“The master’s program at FGV EBAPE was extremely and profoundly applicable in my career since I was able to take the discussions related to our Federal Institution of Higher Education and acquire relevant knowledge to bring them to my institution.” 

Mônica Vetromille

Alumna | Professional Master's in Public Administration (MAP)
Civil servant in the Development Department at the Coordination of People Management at UNIRIO and member of the GWU-CAF-FGV Brazil Group 2016

“Having a master’s degree from FGV EBAPE was very important to increase my technical competence in my area of ​​expertise, and it stimulated me to produce knowledge about public policies and management. The school’s excellent faculty and recognized tradition and academic quality were decisive for me to choose the master’s degree at FGV EBAPE.” 

Eduardo Bizzo

Professional Master's in Public Administration (MAP), MSc & PhD in Administration
Business management at BNDES

“For a public manager like me, who makes decisions that directly affect the lives of citizens, MAP develops the ability to design and implement public policies and public administration governance. Through it, I had the opportunity to tutor undergraduates from FGV EBAPE, gain valuable teaching experience, and participate in the international exchange. The networking opportunities allowed interaction with managers from various government bodies and agencies.” 

Julio Cesar Urdangarin

Alumno | Professional Master's in Public Administration (MAP)
Professional master’s degree in public administration Director of Operations at the Municipal IT Company - IPLANRIO

“Participating in MAP was a significant experience for improving my professional qualification, serving as a foundation for the development of the attributions in the career of Specialist in Public Policies and Government Management, in addition to expanding the theoretical and practical knowledge resulting from the high-level design of the courses and faculty. There was also the possibility of exchanging experiences with colleagues from the master’s degree who work in the most diverse areas of government and the private sector, which further enhances the FGV master’s program.” 

Lenise Barcellos de Mello Secchin

Alumna | Professional Master's in Public Administration (MAP)
Specialist in Public Policies and Government Management and Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the National Health Agency – ANS

“Through MAP, I had access to an essential theoretical tool for understanding the challenges I face on a daily basis in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public policies. This privileged contact with cutting-edge scientific production, the exchange of experiences with colleagues and professors, and the analysis of countless real cases were – and continue to be – fundamental for my personal development and for the quality of the tasks I perform in my professional life.” 

Alexandre Sérgio Vieira

Alumno | Professional Master's in Public Administration (MAP)
President of FAETEC - Technical School Support Foundation Former Secretary of Science, Technology, and Innovation of the State of Rio de Janeiro

“MAP is a master’s degree aimed at the elaboration and execution of public policies, which is directly related to the functions I perform at Seplag, where I coordinate five areas of action in the state: budget, planning, human resources, logistics resources, and real estate. It was important for my professional career because it provided a space for reflection on public administration in Brazil and internationally."

Cláudia Uchôa Cavalcanti

Alumna | Professional Master's in Public Administration (MAP)
Secretary of State for Planning and Management of the Government of Rio de Janeiro (2014 -2016)

“MAP has a range of courses and a faculty of excellence, attracting professionals from different niches of direct and indirect public administration, from different states of Brazil, further enriching the debate on public policies in an environment of great heterogeneity. The national and international theoretical content, combined with the diversity of experiences provided by students and professors, substantially expanded my perception of the management and execution of adequate policies for the public cultural sector in Rio de Janeiro.” 

Felipe Caldeira Marron

Alumno | Professional Master's in Public Administration (MAP)
President of the Anita Mantuano Arts Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro - FUNARJ

Four International Accreditations

FGV EBAPE is a well-known and reputed School, recognized by leading international accreditation institutions for its outstanding programs, faculty, and syllabus: 


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Professional Master's in Public Administration (MAP)
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