About the Fundraising and Support to Research Projects Coordination 

The Fundraising and Support to Research Projects Coordination  (CARP) supports professors in obtaining grants for internal and external projects, such as participation in events and attending educational programs in Brazil and abroad (scholarships). 

The service offered involves assistance in identifying project and development opportunities; support in preparing the project and its components; support in completing the documents required for submission; and, in the future, support for project accountability and resource management. 

There are three work fronts, which include the following activities: 


Funding at FGV EBAPE

Through institutes, partner organizations, and public databases, CARP surveys opportunities to promote scientific research activities, which identifies possibilities in the field of applied social sciences, expanding the search to complementary areas that have synergy in applied research. 

Any proposal submission by research centers (on FGV’s behalf) or professors (identified as FGV’s employees) must be forwarded to CARP, which is responsible for evaluating and verifying the content sent, its compliance with the internal requirements of FGV (Applied Research Network), and its adequacy to the public notice the application refers to.  

The process occurs through the following stages :


1st stage  

The professor or person responsible for the application must forward the necessary documents to CARP ( Ordinance 25, PAR, Project Summary Sheet, Project in full, Notice/call/regulation released by the development agency.  

2st stage 

CARP verifies the project’s coherence with the public notice it refers to and the information in P25 and PAR. Such information is verified by the CFAP, which, accordingly, is sent to the Financial Comptroller  of FGV EBAPE. 

3st stage 

Financial Comptroller  analyzes and validates the PAR, preparing the documentation to collect the signature of the Management of FGV EBAPE. . 

4st stage 

Financial Comptroller  sends documentation to the Research Network and, in parallel, CFAP and CARP register signed documentation. 

5st stage  

CARP monitors the validation of the project with the Research Network until the completion of the internal process.  



Professor Juliana Mansur is the Head of CARP. The other FGV EBAPE departments engaged in fundraising activities with CARP are Communication Coordination, Financial Comptroller , and CFAP. 

Meet the team: 

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