Program duration
22 months
Class starts
Application period
08/07 - 14/11/2024
05/02 - 24/05/2024
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Program Duration

22 months
(525 hours/class)

Can be studied part-time, allowing to combine studies and a professional career, in evening or intensive concentrade mode classes, allowing better access to non-resident students in Rio de Janeiro.

Head of the Master's in Business Management – Intensive

Professor Helio Arthur Irigaray

PhD in Business Administration, FGV EAESP


Master’s Degree in Administration


The Executive Master’s in Business Administration - MEX is a prestigious course, which has the best faculty body in the country and prepares professionals to work in different areas of management in the Brazilian and international sector. The program also opens doors to work in consultancies and the development of academic careers.



International experience

Academic Excellence


With a select group of the best professionals in the country, the MEX faculty stands out for its academic quality, being composed exclusively of doctors who actively participate in internationally recognized conferences and research projects.

Professors are also references in technical and scientific publications in magazines and periodicals around the world.

Student Research Incentive

As a fundamental part of the Master's Degree, the applied research carried out by students stimulates critical thinking and contributes to the production of knowledge. Students are motivated to present their results at the main conferences and publications of the highest relevance in the world, providing notoriety and international representation.


FGV EBAPE provides access to extensive databases and indexers, complete and updated, through its rich collection of knowledge, available at the School or via remote access.

Students and professors experience Harvard Business School (HBS) content through the case method and access to cases produced by HBS. In addition to the digital subscription to the Financial Times (FT) platform, with access to the research area and complete content on business, career, current affairs, sustainability, among others.


Integration and Networking

In addition to the exchange provided within MEX classrooms, students can take courses in other programs at the School, at the Master's level, up to a limit of three elective courses. This enables a valuable exchange of experiences between the fields of Public and Private Administration.

Students' integration and networking are so complete that enable forging alliances in Brazil and around the world, building a solid network of contacts with their colleagues – generally, managers from the main public bodies – and experiencing a valuable exchange of experiences.


Multicultural experience

MEX strengthens and increases student and professor's cultural exchange, allowing the student to obtain a broad multicultural experience of academic and extracurricular activities at both national and international levels.

Students are also encouraged to submit studies and research at academic conferences, increasing their repertoire and network of contacts.


Alumni network

FGV EBAPE´s Alumni Network offers a channel for alumni to propose initiatives, share experiences, give visibility to projects they are developing, as well as other interesting initiatives to the community.

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“My participation in the Master’s Program in Business Management was crucial in my professional training, not only due to the high quality of its theoretical content but also because of the boldness of FGV EBAPE in proposing an academic program with a practical bias, prioritizing debates and providing spaces for the exchange of experiences to add real value. FGV EBAPE values ​​and consolidates the effort, dedication, and energy essential for the success of a master’s program, awakening in the participants the concern about their beliefs and the passion for the search and generation of new knowledge.” 

Carlos Ogliari

Master’s degree in business management Human Resources Director - Marcopolo SA
Retrato do Carlos Ogliari

Four International Accreditations

FGV EBAPE is a well-known and reputed school, recognized by leading international accreditation institutions for its outstanding programs, faculty, and syllabus:

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Executive Master’s in Business Administration - MEX
Rio de Janeiro
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