FGV EBAPE’s differential advantages

FGV EBAPE’s differential advantages

A unique, global, and renowned school

FGV EBAPE has more than 70 years of innovative and pioneering teaching and research. It is the main reference in administration in Brazil and is known for its strong orientation toward internationalization, faculty excellence, and global recognition. 

The school achieved the highest scores in the quality assessment from the Brazilian Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel of the  Ministry of Education (CAPES/MEC), obtained international accreditations, and established valuable partnerships with distinguished international institutions, consolidating its high quality and providing cutting-edge education for students at different stages of their careers. 

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Four International Accreditations

FGV EBAPE is a well-known and reputed school, recognized by leading international accreditation institutions for its outstanding programs, faculty, and curriculum: 

icone de pilar    FGV EBAPE’s pillars of excellence:   

Seven decades of constant innovation

EBAP  was created in 1952 from the partnership between FGV and the UN (United Nations) to meet the demand for qualified professionals in public administration in Brazil. In 2002, the school began offering training aimed at the private sector and was renamed FGV EBAPE. Since then, it has been consolidating as an international reference among public and business administration schools. 

icone pessoa comemorando    Milestones:


FGV EBAPE has accumulated many inedit achievements and important milestones in its long history. Check out the School’s highlights from its creation to the present day: 

Once EBAPE, always EBAPEAN

FGV EBAPE’s Alumni Network started in 2015 to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge among alumni. It is a permanent channel to motivate the students’ initiatives and projects. 

“FGV EBAPE opened extremely strategic doors and helped me form who I am. Use the structure you have at the school today because success only happens when preparation meets opportunity.” 

Anna Vasconi Speroni

Bachelor’s degree in administration Chief Operating Office at Hive Marketing Technology
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“FGV EBAPE enabled me to think more analytically, which gave me an excellent basis for discussing and negotiating in any area. I used to do everything by instinct, and over time I learned, based on guidance within the school, to analyze before making decisions.” 

Raphael Tomé

Bachelor’s degree in administration Head of Business & Sales at Loft
Raphael Tomé na foto, está de camiseta verde sorrindo, seu cabelo é curto.

“Graduating from the school prepared me for a master’s degree at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. This achievement was only possible because I studied at FGV EBAPE, which offered the support I needed for my professional growth. From the beginning of the program, we are encouraged to seek academic references, to put the lessons into practice, and to look for information in English.” 

Caroline Galatoli

Graduação em Administração Senior Enterprise Representative, Templafy na Dinamarca

“The school not only made me a complete and prepared professional, but it also made me a better human being. FGV EBAPE was very important for my professional training. Thanks to the school, I had the necessary preparation, even in the first semesters of the undergraduate program, to be selected for jobs in large companies such as Ancar Ivanhoe, Rede Globo, HSBC, and Vale S.A.” 

Caio Marques Pedrotti Porto

Alumno | BSC in ​​Administration
Bachelor’s degree in administration Chief Executive at F&C Events
Caio Marques está na foto com beca e sorrindo.
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