Armando Santos Moreira da Cunha

Senior Lecturer

Prof. Cunha works at FGV EBAPE since 1972. He contributed for the creation of the Posgraduate Course in Public Administration (CIPAD), in 1976; since 1999, he has been coordinating the Course. Presently, he is:  researcher at the EBAPE’s Applied Research Center in Accounting and Analytics; member of the Editorial Committee of the International Public Management Journal, since 2005;  member of the Editorial Board of the Revista de Administração e Emprego Público (Portugal); member of the General Assembly, Getulio Vargas Foundation; Professor Emeritus, Politics, Strategy and Senior Management Course for the Brazilian Army; member of the Brazilian Management Sciences Academy, since 2002;  permanent member of the General Assembly of the National Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Administration (ANPAD),since 1979. 

Dean, Brazilian Public Administration School, FGV (1992–1999); Coordinator, Bachelor’s in Administration Program (1974–1975); Coordinator, Master’s in Public Administration Program (1976); Deputy Director for Teaching at EBAPE (1976–1979); Head, Research and Publications Department (1990–1992); Director, Revista de Administração Pública (RAP) journal (1999–2002); Researcher and Coordination Committee Member, Fiscal Studies Program (PEF), FGV EBAPE, 2000 – 2019.  Contributing Professor, lato Sensu  Graduate courses and Professional Masters in the Judiciary Branch, Rio Law School/FGV.  Member of the FGV Coordination Committee for several projects focused on management model reform of Judiciary Branch organizations in Brazil, 2001 – 2016.  Academic Fellow, Center for Transformation and Strategic Initiatives (CSTI), Washington DC, 2006-2007. Visiting Professor, National Administration Institute, Portugal, 1983 – 2009.   

First President, National Association for Research and Graduate Studies  in Administration (ANPAD), (1977–1978); First President, Administration Area Advisory Commission, University Level Staff Higher Education Coordination Unit, Ministry of Education and Culture (CAPES / MEC) (1979–1980); Administration Area Consultant for the Portuguese language edition of the Dictionary of the Social Sciences (FGV)/UNESCO (1981).  Board Member, International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) (1995–1998); President, Audit Board and Board Member FGV Private Social Security Civil Society (1996–2003); Member, Curator Board, João Goulart Foundation, Rio de Janeiro Public Administration Institute (1998- 1999); Administration Secretary for Planning and Control, LBA (Social Assistance Area/Ministry of Social Security and Social Welfare (1985–1990); Planning Coordinator, Culture Bureau, Ministry of Education and Culture (1981–1985); Audit Board Member, Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation (1982–1985); Analyst, National Artistic and Historical Heritage Institute (IPHAN) (1979–1993); Financial Analyst, IBM do Brasil (1971–1972); Consultant and Budget Expert, National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) (1968–1972).  


Educational Background 

  • PhD in Management, Higher Institute for Labor and Business Sciences – ISCTE, Portugal; 
  • Master’s in Public Administration, University of Southern California, USA; 
  • Bachelor’s in Administration, FGV EBAPE. 

Research Interests 

  • Management Planning and Control 
  • Planning, Programing and Public Budgeting 
  • State Reform and Public Administration Modernization 
  • Education in Public Administration 
  • Strategic Planning 


  • Undergraduation
  • Professional Master in Public Administration (MAP)



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