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The “Ministro Roberto Campos” Building has eight study rooms, nine PBL (Problem Based Learning) rooms, two auditoriums, two interactive rooms, and an IT lab. The building comprises a total area of 5,400m². 

In addition, FGV EBAPE students have access to both the FGV Headquarters and the Cultural Center, located a few meters away. 

Edifício Ministro Roberto Campos

Jornalista Orlando Dantas Street, 30 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro.

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Ground floor


There is an auditorium on the ground floor with capacity for more than 70 people, equipped with two screens, two projectors and state-of-the-art audio and video technology. 

Hybrid Classrooms 

There are three air-conditioned classrooms with capacity for over 45 people. All of them have a state-of-the-art projector and computer for lecturers, and outlets at the students’ desks. 

Problem-Based Learning Rooms 

The building is equipped with eight  Problem Based Learning (PBL) rooms on the ground floor. PBL is an innovative educational methodology for teaching and learning administration, where students are taught while solving problems in groups. Each of these rooms has a meeting-style table and a computer connected to the television. 

Common area  

There are two common areas along the entire length of the ground floor. One of them has modern furniture in a pleasant lounge forming an inviting space for exchanging experiences. In the other, there is furniture for meals next to a beautiful hanging garden, with a pantry equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, water filter, and cupboards with glasses and cutlery. 

Support Staff  

Students count on the knowledge of FGV EBAPE’s support staff. The team helps students to make the best use of the premises and the equipment. 

IT Lab 

This room is equipped with modern computers with scientific, academic, and big data software. 

First Floor


There is an auditorium on the first floor with capacity to host seminars, congress, and lectures that attract a large number of students. 



Students and professors find two other air-conditioned rooms on this floor equipped with a computer, screen, and projector. 


Study Rooms 

Eight study spaces are available for students to book with the support staff. All of them are equipped with round tables to facilitate group work and help with concentration. 


Interactive Room 

With a suitable format for dialogue classes, this room has round tables and screens for projecting presentations. 


Graduate Room 

Master’s and PhD students at FGV EBAPE can use this room to focus on their studies, accessing all the technological apparatus available. In addition to the tables with computers, students can use the walls as whiteboards to write notes, structure their projects and even exchange experiences with their peers. 


Common area 

Between the classrooms, the interactive room and the auditorium, students can use the living area to relax, exchange experiences, or have their meals. 


 Administration Rooms 

The first floor hosts the offices of the heads of the BSc in Administration and Associate Degrees, the Compliance Office, and Information Technology (IT) Office. 

Second Floor

Administration Rooms 

The office of FGV EBAPE’s Dean is located right at the main entrance on the second floor, next to the Comptroller’s Office. 

Faculty Room 

The rooms for professors and researchers are distributed along the second floor. These spaces also house the Educational Evaluation Coordination and the Academic and Research Education & Training Center (CFAP). 

Sala da Rede Alumni 

A sala da comunidade de egressos da FGV EBAPE funciona em um espaço acessível para estudantes, professores e alumni 

Alumni Network Room 

The FGV EBAPE’s alumni community room works in an accessible space for students, professors, and alumni. 

Offices of the Heads of the Graduate Programs 

The offices of the heads of the Professional Master in Public Administration, Executive Master in Business Management, Master in Management, and MSc in Administration and PhD in Administration are located at the center of the second floor, ready to serve students and professors 

Admissions Sector 

The admissions sector is located at the center of the building. It is next to the offices of the heads of FGV EBAPE’s programs. 

Common area 

Sofas, tables, and laptop supports facilitate the exchange of experiences between students and professors in a comfortable and practical space. 


Student organization’s room 

FGV EBAPE houses some student organizations in its building: the rooms of the Student Representative Council (DAA) and the Gorilas of Atlética FGV (AAAGV) – the student sports organization. 

Bike rack and lockers 

Students have lockers to store their materials and personal objects in the basement. There is also a bicycle rack to encourage moving by bike, promoting sustainability, and reducing urban pollution. 



Studens receive a password and can access high-speed Internet on all floors. 

Coffee and Snack Machines 

The school offers free coffee and tea in machines distributed on the building’s floors. The machines also offer other hot drink options, such as cappuccino, hot chocolate, and mocha, for a low price. 

Printing services 

Every semester, FGV EBAPE students earn an amount of credits to use in the printers located on the ground and first floors. 


There are three elevators in the building, facilitating mobility around the school, serving all floors and the basement. In addition, there are ramps at the entrance, tactile flooring along the entire length of the building, exclusive cubicles for people with disabilities in all bathrooms, an exclusive bathroom for wheelchair users, and baby changing tables. 

Other services


  • Medical Center 
  • Restaurant 
  • Cafeteria 
  • Food Bikes 
  • Snacks and cold drinks vending machine 



  • Bus stop in front of the building 
  • Close to Metro – 350 meters from Flamengo station 
  • Access to the Botafogo Enseada and Aterro do Flamengo cycle path 
  • Large commercial area in the vicinity 
  • It counts on two stations of Bike Rio (sharing bikes system) 
  • Supermarket and convenience stores nearby 
  • Close to Botafogo Praia Shopping and Cinema Itaú 
  • Close to hospitals, such as Casa de Saúde Pinheiro Machado (CSPM) 

  • Fitness and bodybuilding gyms 

Barra da Tijuca

FGV EBAPE’s BSc in Administration has an extra address. In addition to the school’s headquarters in Botafogo, there is a unit in Barra da Tijuca with modern facilities close to the best commercial spots in the neighborhood. 

The address is at Centro Empresarial Mario Henrique Simonsen (CEMHS) 

Av. das Americas, 3434 / Bl. I - Barra da Tijuca 

Location on the map:


  • Modern facilities 
  • Excellent location 
  • Good access to public transport 
  • Parking on-site. 
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Ground floor

A facial recognition system at the reception offers agility to access and leave the building in complete safety. 

2nd Floor


Students and professors find modern classrooms with comfortable furniture and equipment for hybrid classes on this floor. 


Study rooms  

These rooms are soundproof, have a panoramic view, and are prepared to host study groups. 


Common Area 

Comfortable spaces, with sofas and tables, favoring networking and relaxed meetings over delicious coffee. 


Support Staff 

Students count on the knowledge of FGV EBAPE’s support staff. The team helps students to make the best use of the premises and the equipment. 


IT Lab 

This room is equipped with modern computers with scientific, academic, and big data software. 

Other services


  • Open air car park 
  • Restaurant and canteen 


  • Barra Garden  
  • Barra Shopping  
  • Village Mall  
  • Health Clinic São Bernardo  


Technological Resources






IT Lab 

Ground floor 

56 spaces 


Dell OptiPlex 3040 | Dell OptiPlex 3050 | Lenovo M93p 

Intel Core i5 – 6500T 2.5 GHz | Intel Core i5 - 7500T 2.7GHz 

4GB; HD 500GB; Windows 10 ENT 64 bit; 21” monitors 


Ground floor and 1st  floor 

48 spaces 

ROOMS 003, 004, 005, 101, 102, and 103 

Multimedia Resources: Teacher’s Computer: LENOVO M93p | Processor: 

Intel Core i5 - 4590 3.30 GHz | Memory: 4GB | HD: 500GB | Monitor: 19 inches 

1 Protector with 105-inch projection screen; Audio system; Connections 

auxiliary: VGA and Audio; 


Ground floor and 1st  floor 

Aud. 006 - 70 spaces 

Aud. 111 - 78 spaces 

AUDITORIUMS 006 and 111 

Multimedia Resources: Teacher’s Computer: LENOVO M93p | Processor: 

Intel Core i5 - 4590 3.30 GHz | Memory: 4GB | HD: 500GB | Monitor: 19 inches 

2 Protector with 105-inch projection screen; Audio system; Connections 

auxiliary: VGA and Audio; 

Interactive Room 

1st floor 

36 spaces 

ROOM 102 

2 Protectors with 105-inch projection screen; 

Audio System | 6 TV 55 Inches | Auxiliary connections: HDMI; 

Teacher’s computer: Computer: LENOVO M93p | Processor: Intel Core i5 - 

4590 3.30GHz | Memory: 4GB | HD: 500GB | Monitor: 19 inches. 

Study rooms 

1st floor 

5 spaces 

ROOMS 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, and 119 

Multimedia Resource: 42-inch TV and auxiliary connections: HDMI 


(Problem-Based Learning) classrooms 


16 spaces 

ROOMS 009, 010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, ande 017 

Multimedia Resource: 55 Inch TV; Auxiliary Connections: HDMI, VGA and Audio 


Microsoft Software 

Microsoft Office Package 2013 









Basic software 

Internet Explorer 

PDF Creator 

Antivirus McAfee 

AgentEPO McAfee 

Google Chrome 


Adobe Reader DC 


Java JDK 



Academic software 





MikTex – Latex – Ghostscript 





Netbeans IDE 






Jupyter Notebook 


Jupyter Lab 



R + RStudio 



Tecnic Center 



Microsoft Visio | Project 

Bizagi Modeler 



GNU Emacs 





High contrast