Graduate Seminars

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Prof. Rafael Goldszmidt Prof. Ricardo Lopes Cardoso Prof. Robert Gregory Michener
3° Trimestre, 2020
22/07 Abhishek Borah 
When Veblen Meets Big Data: A Search-Based Index of Brand Conspicuousness
29/07 Gustavo Moreira 
Blowing the Whistle in Brazil: The Prevalence of Wrongdoing, Whistleblowing, Retaliation and the Role of Gender
12/08 Mauro Guillen 
Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania 
Research Opportunities in a Pandemic
26/08 David Schoenherr 
Princeton University
Spatial Mobility and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Credit Lotteries
16/09 Carmelo Cennamo 
Copenhagen Business School
Market Architectural Shift: The Impact of Digital Platforms on Incumbent Firms and The Role of Asset Ownership
23/09 Antonio Pedro Ramos 
Effects of Randomized Corruption Audits on Early-Life Mortality in Brazil
1º Semestre | 2020
20/01 Rafael Schiozer – FGV EAESP Bank loan forbearance: evidence from a million restructured loans
05/02 Bernardo de Oliveira Guerra Ricca – INSPER Procurement payment periods and political contributions: evidence from Brazilian municipalities
12/02 Evelyn Brodkin – University of Chicago Toward Understanding the State at the Street: How Street-Level Organizations Matter.
03/03 Patricio Valenzuela – University of Chile Sovereign Credit Risk, Financial Fragility, and Global Factors
11/03 Vinicius Carrasco – PUC-Rio Robustness in Mechanism Design
20/55 Urszula Lagowska – FGV EBAPE Close Enough to Make a Difference? The Differential Effects of Authentic and Ethical Leadership on Alleviating Social Identity Threat
27/05 Weichao Wang – FGV EBAPE Banks’ Balance Sheet Management as a Bargaining Tool: Evidence from Union Strikes
03/06 Claudio Meilman Ferreira – FGV EBAPE The Heterogeneous Effects of Temporary Deferrals on Donation Behavior in Brazil
10/06 Sandro Cabral – INSPER The Resource-Based Paradox Of Impact-Oriented Strategies:  A Study In The Context Of Microcredit
17/06 Marco Bonomo – INSPER Labor Market Effects of a Credit Crunch

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