Tuition Fee

(Last updated in: 06/05/2020 - 9:37am)

IMPM CYCLE 24 - Our next cohort begins May 2021.:

1) IMPM Executive

USD 45,000 

The tuition covers all instruction during the five modules; required books and other pedagogical materials including self-learning materials; and tutoring and other intermodular support. Tuition is exclusive of travel and living expenses (see below) except for some lunches and dinners.

2) Degree Opportunity

IMPM participants have the opportunity to choose to pursue a Masters Degree from FGV EBAPE. There will be a fee to cover the cost of registrations, on-going assessment and supervision of the final paper:

USD 5,000

Master Degree from FGV EBAPE

The amount is due upon registration and commencement of the degree portion of the IMPM.