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Pedagogical Support Center (NAP)

The Pedagogical Support Center (NAP) of the Fundação Getulio Vargas is a sector specialized in pedagogical and psycho-pedagogical assistance to students, didactic-pedagogical support to professors and coordinators of undergraduate courses at FGV Schools in Rio de Janeiro.

NAP is the reference channel for students to meet their individual or collective, emotional, or cognitive needs and any other way of learning, being, and relating to the interdisciplinary and dynamic world of higher education knowledge.

The center develops strategies for welcoming students. By using qualified listening, it seeks to understand their demands to act by creating better pedagogical conditions to favor the intellectual and emotional development of undergraduate students in this new stage of life, preventing academic failure.

In addition, the center adopts an active approach of seeking the students’ opinions about their experience throughout the academic activities, their doubts, suggestions, and individual needs.

It acts effectively as a support channel for coordinators and is responsible for monitoring and supervising the implementation of the program’s pedagogical project, as well as working with students and teachers to meet their didactic-pedagogical and psycho-pedagogical demands.


Among NAP’s various functions are:

  • Interviewing, individually or in small groups, students who enter undergraduate programs to discover their expectations related to the program and their life stories;
  • Welcome, support and guide students who seek help for their conflicts and difficulties and, through qualified listening, identify emotional challenges and, if appropriate, guide them to find professional advice;
    Assist students in overcoming challenges, establish new interpersonal relationships and adapt to the new social environment;
    Offer pedagogical and psycho-pedagogical support for students, from the moment they arrive, until the completion of their qualification;
    Provide educational support to students’ academic practices, study activities, monitoring, and cognitive development;
    Develop individualized study guide for students with learning disabilities;
    Organize workshops and lectures on topics relevant to the intellectual and emotional development of students;
    Monitor the academic performance of the classes and propose pedagogical meetings with faculty and program coordinators;
    Encourage meetings with class representatives and other student organizations;
    Outline class profiles and guide professors on specific demands related to different didactic-pedagogical situations.

To promote the insertion of students entering the university environment, NAP holds welcoming activities at the beginning of the school year with students from the first period of all undergraduate programs. In a very relaxed atmosphere, newcomers get to know about the academic practices and participate in a dynamic on themes such as self-knowledge and empathy development. The activities are structured to integrate the group to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Throughout the year, NAP promotes workshops, conversations, and lectures on topics of interest to students, aimed at their social and emotional development.

NAP, in partnership with the FGV International Cultural Program – Sorbonne, has designed this project, which proposes to FGV students a range of cultural activities, such as visits to museums and historical places, plays, art exhibitions, dance, and music shows. It aims to encourage the immersion of undergraduate students in the art world to stimulate reflection and react to spectator-citizen, seeking to enrich and broaden the general culture of the student.

Social action projects aim to integrate, raise awareness, and sensitize students, professors, and staff about the importance of creating spaces for information and discussion of the various current issues; It also encourages empathy and collective awareness.
Some of the campaigns are the Pink October, Children’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Nursing Homes, Orphanages.

The FGV Pedagogical Support Center seeks to hold the event Yellow September - For suicide prevention to raise awareness and sensitize students, professors and staff to the importance of preserving mental health and suicide prevention.




    Pedagogical / Psycho-pedagogical Assistance:

    NAP Coordination:

    Helena Giolito

    Technical-Pedagogical Assistant: 

    Tatiane Rosa Santos

    Pedagogical Analysts:

    Bruna Ruffoni
    Claudia Cossich
    Danielle Alves
    Karine Pimentel

    Academic Support:

    Isabel de Moraes Ferreira

    Operation/Social media:

    Hours: Monday to Friday, from 7am to 5pm
    Location: Headquarters Building - Praia de Botafogo, 190 - 3rd Floor, Room 309
    Phone: (55 21) 3799-5910
    E-mail: nucleo.pedagogico@fgv.br
    Facebook: fb.com/nucleopedagogicofgvrio

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