Teaching Support Center (NAP)

(Last updated in: 12/08/2016 - 3:19pm)

The Teaching Support Center (NAP) serves as a channel offering support to the Undergraduate Program Coordinators at the FGV Schools in Rio de Janeiro in charge of overseeing and supervising the implementation of Program Teaching Projects, working closely with students and professors in order to enhance the educational, teaching and psycho-pedagogic services rendered by the Undergraduate Studies Programs.  So far, this Center has participated effectively in the following Undergraduate Studies Programs: Administration, Social Sciences, Economics, Teaching History and Applied Mathematics.

Staffed by graduate professionals in the fields of teaching, psycho-pedagogy and other fields of Education, the staff of this Center oversees students from their entry into the Program through to graduation.

The classroom lives of these students are monitored through personal contacts, thus easing the natural concerns of youngsters entering university, offering better educational conditions for personal and intellectual maturation and classroom performance, with significant reductions in drop-out rates and uncertainties over Program choices that are often encountered at the University level.

This Center also adopts an active stance towards hearing the views of the students on their experiences in the course of their classroom activities, together with doubts, suggestions and special requirements.  Consequently, this Center is the first place to contact for advice on a specific Program.

Outstanding among the many functions of this Center are:

  • Supporting, welcoming and guiding students seeking help with difficulties and conflicts, striving through qualified listening to identify emotional problems and suggest professional help, if appropriate;
  • Through individual or collective counseling, minimize the normal difficulties encountered by students in the course of the Program, providing psycho-pedagogic support in order to restore self-esteem, creating better educational conditions for personal maturation and classroom performance.
  • Provide educational support for classroom practices and study activities, as well as student oversight and development;
  • Draw up personalized study plans for students with learning difficulties;
  • Organize workshops and lectures on topics related to the intellectual and emotional development of the students;
  • Monitor the academic performance of the classes and organize teaching technique meetings with Program Coordinators and Professors;
  • Arrange meetings with class representatives and other student organizations;
  • Serve as a mediator for settling disputes involving students, students and Professors, students and Coordinators, students and employees, Professors and Coordinators and employees and Coordinators.


Helena Giolito

Assistant Teaching Technician:

Tatiane Rosa Santos

Teaching Analysts

Bruna Ruffoni da Fonseca Calleia
Claudia Helena Peçanha Cossich
Karine Andrade de Souza

Address: Praia de Botafogo 190, 3rd floor, Office 309 Botafogo 22250-900, Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil
Telephone: +55 (21) 3799-5910
Fax: 55(21) 3799-6091
E-mail: nucleo.pedagogico@fgv.br