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Student Organizations

Students Representative Council 

The Diretório Acadêmico em Administração (DAA) is the Students Representative Council at FGV EBAPE. It represents the student body and promotes their integration in academic life. 
Look for @daa_fgv on Instagram



FGV JR is the Junior Enterprise of FGV EBAPE. It offers specialized consulting services on management, strategy, and finances to numerous clients, particularly micro, small, and medium companies.  FGV JR supports this portion of the Brazilian business community elaborating and implementing strategic projects.
Find out more at: fgvjr.com



FGV+ offers consultancy for nonprofit organizations and implements events for social development. The consultancy is carried out through projects that last one semester. Visit fgvmais.com




FGVALLEY is an Entrepreneurship League formed by undergraduate students of FGV Rio de Janeiro. Its mission is to foster entrepreneurial thinking within FGV. Look for @fgvalleyrio on Facebook




The Financial Market League aims to bring the FGV community closer to the financial market.
Look for @ligademercadofinanceirofgvrio on Facebook




AMPLIA FGV is a course to prepare disadvantaged youths for the FGV Direito Rio and FGV EBAPE entrance exams. Its mission is to expand these students’ personal and academic opportunities, as well as to increase social awareness and diversity at FGV.  Find out more at: ampliafgv.com.br



The Sociedade de Debates FGV (SDGV) is the debating club of FGV Rio de Janeiro. The club promotes competitive debates stimulating communicative skills, logical reasoning, and critical thinking, while reflecting on practical issues of reality. The activities involve participating in tournaments all over the country and applying theoretical knowledge learned during training sessions, including theoretical training on argumentation. Visit sdgv.org​​​​​​​



The goal of ATLETICA FGV is to connect students from different programs and in different parts of the campus, stimulating interaction through sporting and socializing events. The aim is to relax the mood and alleviate stress of the academic life building a sense of family and belonging.
Look for @atleticafgvrj on Facebook


The LAB is a student-run space that seeks to rethink the public sector from the perspective of structural transformation. It contributes to strengthening public innovation in Brazil and intends to be a central player in the global forefront of innovative solutions to public problems. Find out more at: labipp.com.br



This student journal creates a fertile space for new thinkers and new ideas. The journal provides an opportunity to express creativity and discussions on arts, politics, law, and society.
Visit revistagora.com

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