Student Entities

(Last updated in: 12/08/2016 - 2:32pm)

The work of the Public Policies Laboratory at the FGV (FGV Lab) fosters the development of the following skills that are crucial for future Public Administration Officers:

  • drafting public policies;
  • handling the real-life challenges faced by the Public Administration;
  • work as part of a team to introduce projects with social impacts;
  • analyze complex social problems and propose innovative solutions.

The Academic Administration Unit (DAA) represents students and fosters integration between them and the institution through scheduling and running events.

FGV Sports

Through competitions and exchanges with other teaching institutions, the FGV Rio Academic Athletic Association (FGV Sports) encourages and disseminates involvement with sports among FGV students.  As they become increasingly more involved in training sessions and contests, feelings of belonging to the institution grow stronger, ensuring that they all move together towards a higher goal: ranking the FGV as an elite sports hub.

FGV+ e FGV Jr.

FGV+ Outreach Initiative

Working to foster the development of underprivileged communities with pressing social, financial and environmental needs, students organize themselves as a company in administrative terms, through the FGV+ Outreach Initiative, with different responsibilities for teams and their members.

FGV Junior

The Junior Company (FGV Jr.) initiative allows students to work at companies, participating in strategic consulting projects under the guidance of their Professors.