Organization Experiences

(Last updated in: 12/03/2018 - 4:59pm)

In 2015, the EBAPE BBA Program launched its Organization Experiences Project, whose core purpose is to offer third-semester students real-life experience in a public, private or non-governmental organization.  Together with its partners in this Project, EBAPE believes that this experience will enhance the professional and intellectual development of its students through hands-on contact with organizations operating in the real world, taking them beyond the theoretical sphere of the classroom.

Introduction to Science

The Institutional Introduction to Science Scholarship Program (PIBIC) is designed to awaken interest in the scientific field through faculty participation in research projects.

PIBIC Announcement (Available Only in Portuguese)

Careers Center

The Careers Center is designed to encourage EBAPE students to develop competences that blend academic aspects with the professional standards required of future managers, including a proactive approach towards the choices made by students.