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The curriculum of the Undergraduate Program in Public and Business Administration strengthens FGV EBAPE’s culture of internationalization. The School has partnerships with more than 60 of the world’s most prestigious public and business administration schools.

Educational exchanges

FGV EBAPE offers students the opportunity to spend at least one semester at one of the international partner schools. The students are prepared to participate in the exchange since the beginning of the program. English proficiency is critical for undergraduate students.

From the second year of the undergraduate program, all classes in the Marketing component area are taught in English. From the third year to the end of the course, all classes are taught in English.

The Multicultural Experience is a compulsory component area, and it includes an international educational exchange in the third year of the program as a central part of the course. All students are expected to attend classes abroad at one of FGV EBAPE’s international partner schools.

In the final year of the program, students are encouraged to start internships with the potential to enable international careers in global organizations. During the eighth semester of the program, there are no courses scheduled, so it is entirely devoted to internships. The curriculum, therefore, facilitates and encourages students’ international educational and professional experience;

Undergraduate students have three special international programs to choose from to develop their global career: the IBEA program, and the double degree with either ESSEC Business School or ESCP Europe.

These programs enrich student education and strengthen the School’s position of excellence in business education and research worldwide.

International Programs


The International Business Education Alliance (IBEA) is an innovative program that provides undergraduate business students with a unique and comprehensive view of the global environment of business. The alliance is formed by four top international business schools: Find out more [+]

Double Bachelor’s Degree – ESSEC Business School

The agreement between ESSEC and FGV EBAPE allows students from both programs to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration from FGV EBAPE and a Diplôme de l'EPSCI (also called “Bachelor in Business Administration”) from ESSEC Business School. Find out more [+]

Double Degree FGV EBAPE and ESCP

The double degree program by FGV EBAPE and the ESCP Europe grants a Bachelor's Degree in Public and Business Administration from FGV EBAPE, as well as a Master in Management from Grand École (ESCP EUROPE). It provides students with international experience to broaden their management learning process, as well as their cultural perspective. Find out more [+]