• Undergraduate

Scientific Initiation


The Institutional Program of Scientific Initiation Scholarships (PIBIC) aims to introduce the student to the field of academic research, developing scientific thinking, and stimulating critical-analytical reasoning.

The program connects undergraduate and graduate programs, offering an education supported by theoretical and methodological principles, as well as contributing to materialize and disseminating knowledge within the academic community and to society as a whole.

The relationship between undergraduate students and research professors during the activities of scientific initiation offer rich academic and professional opportunities, contributing to developing competencies required both in academia and in the job market.

Professor’s testimonial

“FGV’s Scientific Initiation Program enables students to understand the process of gaining knowledge. Research offers the notion of ‘learning how to study.’ Through PIBIC, students enter the ‘research world,’ and live this experience guided by a research professor from EBAPE. It is a great opportunity, the in-depth study and exchange of ideas with the advisor and research group allows students to gain knowledge and intellectual maturity, perform critical analysis, and use what they have learned. This opportunity is in line with the School’s mission, conducting studies with conceptual and methodological rigor, and enhancing thoughts and practices that contribute to Brazil´s development.”

Professor Carla Soares

Students’ testimonial

“Participating in PIBIC at EBAPE is an opportunity to know the academic world better and understand the importance of research in Administration. The research process is enriching. It allows us to expand our understanding of social phenomena, stimulating reflections that have a direct impact on our intellectual and professional development. The article produced during my time at PIBIC, with the GV EBAPE research group and my advisor, Professor Carla Soares, was presented at the EnANPAD 2019 Congress. The study was awarded as the best work in the Administration of Information area. It is satisfying to have your work recognized and to be part of the process of strengthening research and expanding knowledge.”

João Guilherme Lander
Student in the 6th semester of the Undergraduate Program in Public and Business Administration

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