• Undergraduate

Curriculum and Faculty


The Undergraduate Program in Public and Business Administration lasts four years, distributed in eight semesters. The minimum time for completion is four years (eight semesters), and the maximum is seven years (fourteen semesters).

  1. Forms of Admission
    • Entrance exam;
    • National High School Exam - ENEM;
    • External transfer and ex-officio transfer;
    • Return for holders of higher education diploma and cultural agreement.
    • International: IB, ABITUR, BAC and other exams
  2. Registration
    • Apply for one or more admission processes as per each period and pay the application fee.
    • Internet registration online at www.fgv.br/processoseletivo
  3. Registration Confirmation
    • After confirmation of payment or exemption of fees, registration is validated. Upon confirmation, the applicant can access their registration receipt online at: www.fgv.br/processoseletivo.
    • Availability of applicant's handbook
      This document is available to applicants at www.fgv.br/processoseletivo. The entrance exams applied by FGV include the content taught in high school and the bibliography recommended programs, and guidelines offered in the applicant’s handbook for consultation and study.
  4. Results of the admission process
  5. Enrollment
    • The enrollment process consists of two steps. The reservation of the place and the registration, with the presentation of the documents as required in the admission process public notice published by FGV.

At FGV EBAPE, the student will find a technological structure compatible with their academic excellence.



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