About the Program

(Last updated in: 10/18/2019 - 5:35pm)


Considered by the Ministry of Education as the best course in Administration in the country.   The program is top-rated and leads national quality ranks, being twice consecutive grade 5.00 (maximum) in the National student Performance Exam (ENADE).
Employability rate after completing the program reaches 95%, besides offering the possibility for students to engage in national and international organizational experiences and educational exchanges.   It has an innovative pedagogical design with 6-week concentrated courses, which accelerates the rhythm of the curriculum, and shortens the time between the application of assessments, helping students to stay focused. 
FGV EBAPE’s atmosphere, with exceptional student organizations and extracurricular activities, ensures a great student life.   The School offers opportunities to participate in educational exchange with the best institutions in the world. Students can also undertake a double degree with renowned international business schools.
Among the educational exchange, the International Business Education Alliance (IBEA) is an incredible experience. Students participating in this initiative have the opportunity to study in 3 different countries Europe, Asia, and South America.   The FGV EBAPE professors are trained in the best institutions of the world and have experience in consulting, companies, international agencies, and in public service.