• Undergraduate


The Undergraduate Program in Public and Business Administration is a four-year program that offers interdisciplinary training to prepare professionals to work in public and private institutions in Brazil and abroad.

FGV EBAPE students are qualified to work in different segments, through theoretical and practical classes that provide knowledge of Public and Business Administration that enables them to work in any organization, which increases their chances of employment.

In addition to a curriculum highly suited to the national and international labor market, FGV EBAPE’s undergraduate program offers other possibilities for academic and professional development with the Student Organizations, such as the Students Representative Council (DAA), the junior enterprise FGV JR, LAB, Atlética FGV and FGV+, among others.


  • Public and Private organizations in areas such as administration, logistics, people management, marketing;
  • Strategic consultancy;
  • Human resources consultancy and recruitment and selection;
  • Banks and financial institutions;
  • Startups;
  • Ministries related to economic management and financial market regulators;
  • Government (public policy formulation, financial management, auditing and expenditure control, among others);
  • Various activities involving asset and resource management.


All students are encouraged to take an international exchange program for at least six months so they can interact with students from different countries. FGV EBAPE undergraduate students have the chance to study in one of our partner schools which may lead to the beginning of an international career during the course. Visit our International Relations Office website for more information.

In addition to that, FGV EBAPE offers other options for students who wish to have further international experience with programs such as the IBEA and the Double Degree with ESSEC Business School as well as the integration with the Master in Management program.

At FGV EBAPE students build the foundation for a career without borders. We offer internship opportunities in any city in Brazil and abroad, and students may attend classes in our partner schools or take EBAPE’s courses online, which enhance our students’ academic and professional experience.

In addition to studying disciplines specifically related to the functional areas of Business (Marketing, Finance, Operations and People), our students take a series of courses that enhance their communication and argumentation skills, their logical reasoning, critical and analytical thinking to solve problems in complex situations.

Furthermore, they improve their knowledge of technological resources that prepare them for an era of digital transformation.

FGV EBAPE’s faculty play an important role in our students’ development. Composed of professors and researchers who earned their PhD at the most prestigious institutions in the world (Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Oxford, London School of Economics, FGV, ITA, IME, among others), our faculty also includes professionals with experience in international institutions such as the World Bank, Interamerican Bank of Development (BID), ONU, OCDE, former ministers and executives of outstanding organizations.

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