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Administration is an applied social science that studies the organization and planning of corporate resources.  Administrators create methods, define processes, take decisions and coordinate people, among other activities, in order to ensure smooth flows of information and guidelines through institutions.
Lasting four years, the Administration Program offers interdisciplinary training that is designed to prepare professionals competent to work in public and private institutions in the Finance, Marketing, Technology Management, and Personnel Management fields.

Students with the FGV Business School are trained to function in different segments through theoretical and practical classes that provide them with knowledge about Public and Business Administration. Through this multidisciplinary approach, they complete the Undergraduate Studies Program in both fields, thus broadening their job possibilities on the labor market.
In addition to a syllabus tailored to the Brazilian and international jobs market, a Bachelor’s Degree from the FGV/EBAPE also offers other possibilities for academic and professional development, such as: Academic Administration Unit (DAA); Junior Business (FGV Junior); FGV Lab, FGV Sports and FGV+ Outreach Initiative.

Working where?

  • For public and private organizations in the following fields: Administration, Logistics, Personnel Management, Marketing, Marketing Management and others;
  • Strategic Consulting Services;
  • Human Resources and Personnel Selection Consulting Services;
  • Banks and Financial Institutions;
  • Economic Management Ministries and Financial Market Regulators;
  • Government (drawing up public policies, financial management, auditing, spending control and others);
  • Assorted other activities involving asset and resource management.

Learning Methods

To an increasing extent, EBAPE is stepping up the number of courses in its syllabus that use active learning methods.
At the moment, some of its courses are taught through the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methodology.
Through this approach, students are presented with problems that underscore the concepts needed to develop their knowledge of the respective content.  This means that learning processes become active, as students must explore and work on the content in the ways needed to understand and solve the proposed problems.

Degree Status


Acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) - Edict Nº 703 promulgated on December 12, 2013 and published in the Federal Government Gazette (DOU) on December 19, 2013
Full-Time Program.  Nº Students x Class: 50
Duration: 8 semesters (4 years)
Classroom Hours: 3,600
Degree: Bachelor of Administration

External Transfers

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