• Undergraduate

Curricular Structure

The program lasts four years and is divided into eight semesters. The curricular structure of the FGV EBAPE Undergraduate Program in Administration, in line with the provisions of article 5 of Resolution CNE/CES 04/2005, presents content connecting the national and international realities. Professors work using innovative technology to introduce the material, which follows a historical and contextualized perspective regarding its applicability within organizations and the environment. FGV EBAPE Undergraduate Program in Administration is based on an innovative, dynamic and challenging curriculum, divided in specific areas of study composed of 30-hour courses.

Students are encouraged to work on contemporary topics with renowned scholars and professional throughout the course, bringing theoretical and empirical knowledge to the classroom. In addition to that, students must do complementary activities such as participate in student organizations since the 1st term.

Our curriculum resembles the structure of Graduate and Undergraduate programs in renowned international institutions.

For more information about FGV EBAPE Undergraduate Program In Administration, see our brochure (in Portuguese).

See below for the list of courses for each period and the current flowchart:


FGV EBAPE increasingly incorporates technological advances into the academic activities provided for in the pedagogical project. To this end, it encourages the training of professors and students in topics related to the incorporation of new technologies in the learning process, to promote innovation in the use of both tools and teaching materials.

From this point of view, FGV EBAPE conceives information technology not as an end but as a means of providing all students with access to quality education.




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