Tuition, Fees and Scholarships

(Last updated in: 11/22/2016 - 5:21pm)

Tuition for the BBA Program is payable each month. The following table lists the monthly fees for 2016.

Statement R$ 15,00
Off-Schedule Course R$ 150,00
Academic Transcript R$ 15,00
Course Program R$ 7,00
External Transfer R$ 100,00
2nd Copy of Diploma  R$ 273,50
2nd Copy of Certificate R$ 100,00
2nd Copy of Key R$ 15,00
2nd Copy of Badge  R$ 20.00
2nd Copy of Academic Transcript (alumni) R$ 30,00
Special Fees
Undergraduate Summer Course in Administration/Economics (each course) R$ 750,00
Single Undergraduate Course in Administration/Economics/CPDOC/EMAP (semester) R$ 2.280,00


The monthly fee is restated each year by the IGP-M (General Market Price Index) issued by the FGV, unless the related legislation changes and allow review or restatement over shorter periods. Should this Index be abolished, the General Price Index – Internal Availability (IGP-DI) shall be used or in the absence thereof, the Consumer Price Index (IPC-FGV).
Non-payment of the monthly fees on their due dates will result in an additional 2% charged as a non-compensatory penalty, plus monthly interest at 1% of the amount overdue and unpaid.


The School offers four categories of scholarships:

Merit Scholarship

The Merit Scholarship Program is divided into two types:

  • University Entrance Scholarship: based on the results of the University entrance examination, full scholarships are offered to the five highest-scoring high school graduates, with partial scholarships for those ranking 6th to 10th. These Merit Scholarships are outright grants for the duration of the Program, with no repayment required, compliant with the criteria set forth in the Regulations.
  • Academic Performance Merit Scholarship: granted to undergraduates for academic performance during the intermittent Program, covering all part of their tuition fees, awarded each semester on the basis of the Academic Performance Coefficient (CRA) of each candidate during the previous and current periods. This scholarship is an outright grant that is personal and nontransferable, requiring no repayment. Should it not be accepted or should the candidate or student withdraw from the course, it will be suspended immediately.

Refundable Scholarship

Granted each semester to underwrite these studies of undergraduate students with good academic performances and/or economic and financial needs, the Refundable Scholarships comes from the FGV Grants Fund (Edict Nº 17/2002), which is restated by the General Price Index – Market (IGP-M). The percentages awarded to each student vary from 0% to 100% of the tuition for each semester, defined through decisions handed down by the FGV/EBAPE Grants Commission based on the documentation submitted by applicant students, with the School Controllership also consulted in this process. Repayment is mandatory, necessarily beginning one year after entering the Program. The award and continuation of Refundable Scholarships is dependent on compliance with the respective criteria set forth in the Grant Regulations.

EBAPE Social Scholarship

This Scholarship is intended mainly for students graduating from government-run secondary schools where they completed their entire high school education, presenting the income tax declarations of their parents or guardians proving that they are needy and require this assistance. Students awarded EBAPE Social Scholarships shall be exempt from paying tuition and other fees, and also receive meal vouchers (food cards). In return, they must maintain a GPA of 7.0 or more and participate in EBAPE extension programs/projects addressing social issues, studying full-time under the Program.

Staff and Dependents Scholarship

Awarded to FGV employees and their legal dependents, full or partial scholarships may be granted for Undergraduate Study Programs at the School, compliant with Clause 8 of Collective Labor Agreement Nº MR025546/2011.

NOTE 1: The cut-off grades are set in compliance with the Grant Regulations.
NOTE 2: Applications for all Scholarships (except the Merit University Entrance) must be submitted to the EBAPE Grants Commission, and will be awarded only after approval, renewed each semester.
NOTE 3: Applications for all Scholarships (except the Merit University Entrance) must be submitted to the EBAPE Grants Commission, and will be awarded only after approval, renewed each semester.
NOTE 4: The Non-Refundable Scholarship for FGV employees and their legal dependents is limited to tuition.