Support Structures

(Last updated in: 12/01/2016 - 6:11pm)

From the day a student enrolls in school, a team of professionals will provide personalized guidance, preparing the student for the labor market.

Learning Centers

The FGV/EBAPE Distance Learning Technical Undergraduate Degree Program is mainly supported by the learning centers where the onsite activities for the courses take place:

  • Curitiba - PR
  • Brasília - DF
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ
  • São Paulo - SP

The learning centers provide onsite support for the FGV/EBAPE Technical Undergraduate Degrees. The teaching and research facilities, the library, and information and communication resources have been designed and implemented to meet the quality standards required by the Ministry of Education.
The classrooms and lecture halls are air-conditioned and well-lit, furnished with chairs that comply with ergonomic standards, and feature modern audiovisual and computer equipment. The facilities also allow students to set up their laptops and connect to the network, thus meeting all the required conditions for the distance education teaching and learning process.
The learning centers also feature student lounges and provide infrastructure for cultural activities, food services and other student services.