• Online Associate Degree


The Online Associate Degrees at FGV EBAPE feature formal evaluation tools of the teaching-learning process.

Course seats

The number of available seats in each course comply with official regulations. The classification results define which candidates will be accepted, based on the number of seats available in the onsite center chosen upon enrollment.

Course dynamic

Every distance learning course includes at least the following activities that will be evaluated by the tutor, through the use of standardized grading sheets, and which will compose the final grade average for the course.

  • Individual assignment
  • Group or forum assignment
  • Online Meeting
  • Onsite activities
  • Onsite exam

Online average

The evaluation of online activities – the individual assignment; team or forum assignment; individual participation (active participation in both synchronous and asynchronous settings, and on-time delivery of assignments) - on a scale ranging from 0 to 10 points, provides the average online grade (MO), which will be weighted in composing the final course average.

Onsite average

The onsite average is composed of an onsite individual exam, an individual and team presentation of an interdisciplinary workshop [WI].

The evaluation of onsite activities - participation in the WI and the onsite exam - on a scale of 0 to 10 points, provides the onsite average, which will be weighted in the final course grade.

The Interdisciplinary Workshop (WI) is graded (among other aspects) based on the presentation made to the tutors and other students, taking into account the assessment items previously informed to the student as included in the grading sheet.

Final average

In each course, a student must obtain a final average of 6.0 or higher to pass the course:
For 3-year Technical Undergraduate Degrees (Management Processes) the grade is calculated as follows:
Grade for online activities = online average [MO], weight: 4
      MO = [AI + FO or AE+ PI]/3
Grade for onsite activities = onsite average [MP], weight: 6
      MP = (WI x 0,2) + (PP x 0,8)
Final course average [MF]
      MF = (MOx 0,4) + (MP x 0,6)
Symbol key: I = Individual Activity | FO= Forum | AE = Team Assignment | PI = Individual Participation | PP = Onsite exam | WI = Interdisciplinary Workshop·
For 2-year Distance Learning Technical Undergraduate Courses the grade for online activities is calculated as follows = online average [MO], weight: 3
      MO =  [AI + FO or AE + PI + ST] / 4

Grade for on-site activities = on-site average [MP], weight: 7
      MP = (WI x 0,2) + (PP x 0,8)
Final course average [MF]
      MF = (MO x 0,3) + (MP x 0,7)
Symbol key: I = Individual Activity | FO= Forum | AE = Team Assignment | PI = Individual Participation | PP = on-site exam | WI = Interdisciplinary Workshop ST = Technical Simulation Workshop.

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