Research Centers


The Center for Behavioral Research (CBR) relies on interdisciplinary behavioral research to better understand how economic, environmental, and social forces influence decision making in areas of interest to businesses, (non)governmental entities, and policy makers.

The Center brings together faculty and graduate students from multiple related fields such as consumer behavior, organizational behavior, cognitive and social psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, behavioral finance, applied mathematics, and political science, among others.


The Center for Banking and Finance Research in Rio (CBFR) fosters cutting-edge international research in the fields of banking and finance, serving as a forum for transferring know-how and cooperation among academics and market professionals. It pursues these goals through cooperating with internationally-renowned researchers in the banking and finance fields at universities in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Research problems are investigated by its researchers, addressing a broad banking and finance research area, including credit market operations, the importance of banking systems for economic development and links between regulating financial and banking markets and the quality of their services. When discussing these research problems and disseminating the findings of its projects, this Center publishes a journal and a series of working papers, offering assistance and also organizing visits programs, research seminars, workshops, international conferences and events discussing public policy guidelines.


The ARC-A&A – Applied Research Center in Accounting and Analytics (Centro de Pesquisa Aplicada em Contabilidade e Análise de Dados) has the mission to develop and disseminate knowledge in accounting and data analysis.

In this sense, we develop applied research seeking to solve real problems in the areas of planning, budgeting, accounting, auditing and data analysis; we work in cooperation with similar internationally recognized research centers; we prepare research reports to be published in the main academic journals in the area; and we prepare white papers to influence policy makers, standard-setters and regulators.

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