Post-Doctoral Studies Program

(Last updated in: 03/13/2020 - 7:40pm)

Program coordinator: Lars Norden

The Post-Doctoral Studies Program at the FGV/EBAPE strives to attract researchers eager to expand their knowledge and skills in a setting that encourages top-tier research. More specifically, this program focuses on young researchers eager to spend additional time on fine-tuning their research skills, in order to become more competitive on the job market or as highly qualified researchers working in the main areas of competence of the FGV-EBAPE (Behavioral and Decision Sciences; Strategy, Management and Organizations; Finance; and Institutions, Policy and Government.)

Main Aspects

  • One-year program, start at any time
  • Participate in research projects
  • Presentation of a research seminar
  • Regular attendance at research seminars
  • Conduct a fifteen-hour workshop for the MSc and PhD Program
  • Attend events at the FGV-EBAPE Research Centers
  • Interact with MSc and PhD students and faculty


  • Room-office (subject to availability)
  • Access to FGV resources
  • Graduate Studies Program Certificate
  • Application for teaching positions


  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor at the FGV/EBAPE
  • Curriculum vitae in Portuguese (Lattes system) or international curriculum vitae in English
  • Candidates must have been awarded PhDs prior to submitting their applications, or must plan on completing their PhDs during the Post-Doctoral Studies Program