Graduate Seminars

(Last updated in: 09/10/2019 - 4:00pm)

Coordinator: Prof. Cesar Zucco

2nd Semester | 2019
July, 24 Anna Petherick - Oxford The Presidenta Effect: Perceptions of Women in Politics in Post-impeachment Brazil
July, 31 Joana Story - FGV-EAESP Organizational Politics and Its Impact on Performance and Deviance Through Authenticity and Emotional Exhaustion
Aug, 21 Marina Costa Lobo - Universidade de Lisboa Does Supranationalisation of Economic Policy Blur Responsibility? German and Greek Economic Voting in the context of EMU
Sep, 10 Bradley E Wright - SPIA-Georgia How do public employees respond to their job demands over time? Assessing the moderating role of prosocial motivation and performance equity
Sep, 18 Simeon Nichter – UCSD   Vulnerability and Clientelism
Oct, 16 Eduardo Henrique Diniz – FGV EAESP The emergence of solidarity cryptocurrencies
Oct, 23 Ana Carolina Rodrigues (USP) To be announced
Nov, 06 Nara Pavão - UFPE To be announced
Nov, 13 Vinicius Brei - UFRGS Gravitational sales forecasting reconciliation
Nov, 27 Markus Reitzig - University of Vienna To be announced


1st Semester | 2019
Feb, 06 Prof. Rudi Rocha - FGV EAESP The Effects of Pre-Hospital Care on Hospital Performance: The Case of UPAs 24hs in Rio
Feb, 13 Prof. Susana Claro - Católica de Chile Effects of growth mindset: results from experiments in the field
Mar, 13 Yvon Pesqueux - CNAM Research Design: beyond positivism
Mar, 22 Rodrigo de Oliveira Leite - UERJ Profit Status Of Microfinance Institutions And Incentives For Earnings
Mar, 27 Maribel Suarez - UFRJ Digital Entanglements: Understanding Dependency within Networks
Apr, 17 Ann Cunliffe - FGV EAESP Crafting Qualitative Research: An Example of Researching Leadership
Apr, 24 Hedibert Lopes - INSPER On The Long Run Volatility Of Stocks: Time-Varying Predictive Systems
May, 08 Juliano Assunção - PUC-Rio The Economics of Deforestation in Brazil: the role of policies and agriculture modernization
May, 15 Fabrice Lumineau - Purdue Alliance Governance Mechanisms Revisited: A Temporal Contingency Framework
May, 29 Gil Riella - FGV Brasília Rational Choice with Full-comparability Domains
Jun, 12 Danielle Mantovani - UFPR Looking Up or Down on the Social Ladder: How Socioeconomic Comparison Influences Self and Other Prosocial Behavior


Previous events

2nd Semester | 2018

Aug, 15

Luis A. Martinez-Vaquero
Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, Italy

Cooperative agreements and the role of forgiveness under the eye of evolutionary game theory

Aug, 31

Co-Pierre Georg
University of Cape Town,
South Africa

How Financial Institutions Manage Political Risk: Evidence from Brexit and the Trump Election

Sep, 26

Karsten Hansen
University of California in San Diego

Choice Concentration

Oct, 03

Antonio Pedro Ramos
University of California in Los Angeles

Measuring Within and Between Group Inequality in Early-Life Mortality Over Time: A Bayesian Approach with Application to 8.5 Million Births from 77 Developing Countries
Oct, 10

Andre Garcia de Oliveira Trindade

Measuring the Welfare of Intermediation in Vertical Markets

Oct, 17

Pantelis Loupos
Northwestern University, USA  

Starting Cold: The Power of Social Networks in Predicting Non-Contractual Customer Behavior
Oct,  31

Stephen Osborne
University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Creating a context for strategic leadership of public services: 'Public Service Logic' and value creation in public services.

Nov, 07

Marcelo Cunha Medeiros

Forecasting Inflation in a Data-Rich Environment: the Benefits of Machine Learning Methods

Nov, 28

Rodrigo Menon Simões Moita

The Political Economy of an Optimal Congestion Tax: An Empirical Investigation
Dec, 05

Thorsten Beck 
City University of London, England


The Micro Impact of Macroprudential Policies:Firm-Level Evidence


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