• “The PhD professors are so talented! The chance to work with highly qualified and fully dedicated professors has been crucial for my training as a researcher.  The student group is always deeply involved in working with dedication, which helps build up a context fostering the growth of everyone.  I could not be more satisfied with the decision to sign up for the PhD Program at the FGV EBAPE.”

    Professor - IESEG School of Management, France
    PhD Alumnus 
    Jorge Jacob
  • "By providing me with the tools and theoretical foundations needed to launch my career as a future academic, the EBAPE leaves me certain that I am at a level of technical preparation that is comparable to top-tier institutions that are renowned worldwide.  My development has taken place in a welcoming setting where I found a critical sense among my professors and classmates, together with a wide diversity of ideas and alignment of purposes, which turned this Master’s Degree experience into a real watershed in my track towards self-knowledge and professional growth, so I feel confident about taking on even greater challenges during the forthcoming stages in my career. "

    MSc Student
    Giovani Rocha
  • “My career goal is to be a researcher and professor at a well-respected school.  To do so, I do have not the slightest doubt that studying for my PhD at the FGV EBAPE was the best decision I could have taken.  These four years of full-time studies have prepared me to conduct top-quality research projects, due to many factors.  The first is the focus on methodology, which is very strong.  The second is the quality of the professors, who are excellent researchers.  They are always eager to teach us and work closely with their students in the classroom and elsewhere.  The third point is the structure provided by the FGV/EBAPE, which offered me the chance to work with several research projects, showing me the practical side of how to handle studies.  And the fourth aspect is the class, which is very cooperative, ensuring that we learn plenty from one another.  Finally, FGV EBAPE offered me the chance to spend time at the University of British Columbia in Canada, which was extremely enriching for my training.  So I recommend the FGV EBAPE to everyone like me who dreams of a successful academic career.”

    PhD Student
    Lucia Barros

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