Alumni & Placement

(Last updated in: 02/27/2019 - 10:44am)

The FGV/EBAPE appreciates its relationships with students and alumni. The EBAPE Alumni community is intended to cluster together the interests and values of its students who, after graduation, can help foster the development of the community and the School itself.

Over the medium term, it is expected that some of the Academic MSc students will also pursue PhDs at internationally-renowned institutions, while PhD Students are in turn expected to attend international fairs where professors are hired.

A good example of meeting these expectations occurred when Manuela Moura Dantas – a recent Academic Master’s Degree graduate (2013) was accepted for a well-known PhD program in the USA, competing with 300 candidates from all over the world. She is now studying for a PhD through the Program in Finance at the Graduate School of Management, Cornell University in the USA. Our goal is to see our graduates become elite researchers at universities in Brazil and elsewhere in the world.

The following list presents some recent examples of positions held by Program alumni.

  • Ana Christina Celano Teixeira - Lecturer, IBMEC Business School
  • Daniella Munhoz da Costa Lima - Post-PhD at PPGA / UNIGRANRIO. Lecturer, Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in Marketing, Logistics, Personnel Management and Services Management
  • Leonardo Ciuffo Faver - Secretary of Agriculture, Petrópolis City Hall.
  • Leonardo Vasconcelos Cavalier Darbilly - Adjunct Professor, Administration and Tourism Department, Multidisciplinary Institute, Rio de Janeiro Federal Rural University (UFRRJ). Professor, Academic MSc in Administration Program, Rio de Janeiro Federal Rural University (UFRRJ).
  • Leonel Gois de Oliveira - Head, Internal Control Department, Ceará State Courts of Justice.
  • Márcio Moutinho Abdalla - Professor, Fluminense Federal University.
  • André de Souza Coelho Gonçalves de Andrade: Rio de Janeiro State Regional Labor Court
  • Carlyle Tadeu Falcão de Oliveira: Getulio Vargas Foundation- Invited Professor-Tutor, FGV Online (Distance learning course).
  • Daniel Kamlot - Getulio Vargas Foundation, and Advertising and Marketing School, RJ.
  • Edson Gonçalves Lopes – Colonel, Brazilian Army
  • Francisco Carlos Loureiro Cioci - Federal Audit Court (TCU)
  • Gustavo de Oliveira Almeida - Getulio Vargas Foundation and Institutional Modernization Project, Information Risk and Security Front, Treasury Ministry.
  • Oscar Lewandowski - Full Professor, Administration and Accounting Sciences Course, Serra dos Órgãos University Center (UNIFESO).
  • Priscila Pereira Fernandes: Full Professor, Unicarioca University.
  • Tânia M. O. de Almeida Gouveia - Full Professor, Graduate Studies in Marketing, Advertising and Marketing School / Consultant - Ibope Inteligência market research firm.
  • Tiago Luiz Cabral Peroba – National Social and Economic Development Bank (BNDES).
  • Ana Luísa Vieira de Azevedo - Professor, Unicarioca University.
  • Ana Paula Borges Gonçalves - Estácio de Sá University (UNESA), Coordinator, Communication Sciences Undergraduate Course.
  • Antonio Roberto Coêlho Serra (DINTER) - Maranhão State University (UEMA), Coordinator, Education Technologies Center.
  • Gilson Martins Mendonça (DINTER) - Maranhão State University (UEMA), Full Professor.
  • Gustavo Pereira da Costa (DINTER) - Maranhão State Audit Court.
  • Ilmar Polary (DINTER) - Maranhão State University (UEMA), Professor.
  • Irlana Regina Moraes Novais (DINTER) - Maranhão State University (UEMA), Director, Administration course.
  • João Augusto Ramos e Silva (DINTER) - Maranhão State University (UEMA), Coordinator, Distance Learning Course in Administration.
  • José Samuel de Miranda Melo Júnior (DINTER) – CEUMA Higher Education Association.
  • Leandro Souza Moura - Adjunct Professor, Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ).
  • Marco Aurélio de Sá Ribeiro – Grupo IBMEC Educacional S.A.
  • Reinaldo Costa de Almeida Rêgo - Full Professor, Meira Mattos Institute, Army Staff and Officers’ School (IMM / ECEME).
  • Rosangela Vianna Alves da Silva - Full Professor, Carioca Higher Education Association.
  • Vera Lucia Bezerra Santos (DINTER) - São Luis City Hall.
  • Viviane Narducci Ferraz – Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics (IBGE).