World-Renowned Faculty

Research Productivity

The faculty of the MSc program and PhD is among the most productive in Brazil, with the largest number of papers published in journals rated as A1 by the University Level Staff Higher Education Coordination Unit (CAPES).  Its professors also form the only group in Brazil to publish in the world’s leading marketing journals (Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research and Marketing Science), finance(Review of Financial Studies, Quantitative Finance, Review of Finance and Journal of Banking and Finance), management (Management Science, Journal of Studies International Business, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes), public administration (Governance), and related areas, such as political science (American Journal of Political Science, World Politics, Journal of Politics) and psychology (Current Directions in Psychology and Psychological Science).

International Recognition

Publishing in high-impact journals is important.  But it is essential that the knowledge presented is endowed with the potential to reach out to other researchers.  The knowledge produced by the program faculty is among the most influential in Brazil.  According to the Web of Science database run by Thompson Reuters, other researchers have already quoted from papers written by program faculty professors more than 1000 times.

International Experience

Most of the program professors received their PhDs from internationally-renowned institutions such as HEC Paris, Goethe University, Mannheim University, Northwestern University, UCLA, UCSD, University of Florida, Carnegie Mellon University, and UT-Austin.  Moreover, some of them have also taught at famous institutions like UC Berkeley, University of Washington, Princeton University, Tilburg University, Erasmus University and Michigan State University.  This diversity ensures the lowest endogenous level in Brazil, with less than 15% of the program faculty receiving their PhDs from the FGV/EBAPE.

papers published in high-impact journals



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