Sustainability Management in Emerging Markets


The Sustainability Management in Emerging Markets track of the MiM program is designed to those interested in building their career on sustainable management and development in the public, private or third sector. It’s an original combination of themes that belongs to distinct disciplines such as management, economics, social sciences and development studies.
The program meets the needs of the global, dynamic, and fast-growing labour market on sustainable development by offering students not only content but also hands-on projects and experiences in Brazil’s critical and often vulnerable environmental regions.

The track goals are to offer students:

  • • The core knowledge about sustainability-related concepts and theories; and 
  • • The skills needed to practically manage environmental challenges in the public, private and third sector in emerging markets. 
Courses and Amazon Experience

 After the mandatory general Master in Management courses the students can start the Sustainability Management in Emerging Markets track.

The track is organized in three terms (click to more information):

Term 1 (~July to Oct)

Core sustainability disciplines:
In this quarter, students are exposed the critical concepts and challenges facing sustainability management and development. The scope is broad enough to address themes such as institutional building, capacity development, sustainable development, climate change, green finance, inequality and social policies, forestry management, biodiversity (conservation and economic exploration), among others.

Click here to see the Core Courses.

Term 2 (~Oct to Dec)

Extra courses
Beyond additional short courses, this quarter provides hands-on experiences that will help students broadening and deepening their knowledge while fostering a wide network of local and international partners. 

Click here to see the Extra Courses.

This term is composed of three main components:
• Additional 15-hour courses;
• Possibility of Amazon Immersion Experience;
• Possibility of consulting projects with partner organizations to solve a specific organizational problem

Amazon Immersion Experience
A 10-day immersion program where students will be able to observe first-hand some of the environmental projects and sustainable management practices performed by key players within the public, private and third sector in the Amazon region.

• Students’ activities during their stay may include: Interviews with/presentations by key influencers and policy makers that perform the role of movers and shakers of Brazilian policies on sustainability.
• On-site observation on the challenges and opportunities faced by the private, public, and non-governmental organizations working on sustainability projects.
• Interaction with employees, consultants and beneficiaries of the activities performed by these organizations.
• Cultural events and local visits.

We expect the Amazon Immersion Experience to expand students networking, complement their academic training, and offer a unparallel cultural experience.

Term 3 (~Jan to May)

Talks and Networking
A series of talks with leading experts on business, academia and social entrepreneurship from Brazil and abroad are offered during this final term.

Research and dissertation
The students are expected to devote a significant amount of time and effort to complete the review the literature, fine-tuning the research question, collect and analyse data and write and defend the dissertation with the support of the advisor.

During this period and with the support and resources offered by FGV EBAPE and Católica-Lisbon, the students also have the opportunity to intensity their job search in Brazil and abroad.

Who should apply?


Recent graduates with any undergraduate degree, who have an interest in sustainability; Young professionals who want to upgrade their portfolio before ascending in the labour market; and midcareer practitioners who want to acquire a background in policy domains that they were not trained in.


Governments – local, state and national – that want to invest in qualification of permanent civil servants in new areas; Multinational companies that want to support their staff in innovative approaches towards sustainability; Third sector foundations and charities that intend to professionalize their staff in policy topics keen on their mandates.

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