Structure and Disciplines

Curriculum structure

The Master in Business Management – Intensive Program – offers lectures, seminars, and group activities, supported by audiovisual and multimedia resources. Given the emphasis on the practical application of knowledge, much of the work arises from the debate and the exchange of experiences between participants. This method assumes that students are active agents in their learning process; they have their individual goals in the program and are co-responsible for the quality of the learning process.

The curriculum structure is based on two elective and eight compulsory courses, as well as two courses in the form of research seminars.

Totais de créditos para titulação:

Courses 24 (twenty-four) credits
Project: 4 (four) credits
Final thesis/work 7 (seven) credits
Total credits 35 (trinta e cinco créditos)

Reference: 1 credit = 15hours


12 cycles (total); from Thursday to Saturday at FGV Rio de Janeiro with classroom classes complemented by compulsory extra-class activities;

Interval between face-to-face meetings:

About 4 to 5 weeks;

Total program duration:

22 months; 

Qualification obtained at the end of the program:

Master’s Degree in Administration.

Public defense of thesis/final work

To complete the program, students must prepare a final research advised by a Professor member of FGV EBAPE’s Permanent Faculty Center (NDP) related to the Master in Business Management. The work may be a thesis based on the student’s field research. Students must publicly defend the final work, evaluated by a panel of three PhD Professors, one of them invited from another institution.

The defense will take place after the student approves their project (corresponding to three credits), have completed the twenty-four required course credits, and obtained a minimum score of 7.0 (seven) as their final grade, considering the complete set of courses attended (compulsory and elective).

After completing the above steps, the student will be entitled to claim the master’s degree in Administration.


Compulsory courses

Courses required for all students:

  1. New technologies for decision making
  2. Strategic Governance
  3. Innovation Management

Compulsory courses that can be validated by undertaking alternative course or experience:

  1. Organizational Structure and Processes
  2. Organizational Behavior
  3. Analysis and Financial Statements


  1. Methodology 1 - Research Project (With standard structural model)
  2. Methodology 2 - Quantitative Methods Applied to Business
  3. Research Seminars 1
  4. Research Seminars 2
Elective courses
  1. Negotiation
  2. Action Learning
  3. Work, Career, and Employability
  4. Competitiveness
  5. Teaching Strategies
  6. Leadership: Theory and Practice
  7. Global Strategies
  8. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

* Electives will be offered according to faculty availability and the number of students interested.

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