Research tracks

Business Strategy
This research track seeks to analyze processes and interventions that change the organizations' relationship with the market and society. The studies explore forming and managing strategic alliances, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, and internationalization processes. Also, research contemplates the analysis of the impact of strategies and marketing phenomena on the performance of organizations. This research track covers the process of formulation and implementation of managerial and technological innovations and involves areas such as entrepreneurship, innovation, governance, marketing, information systems, internationalization, business processes, strategy, and decision- making.
Behavior and Strategic People Management
The research track investigates the dynamics of individual behavior and the relationships and interactions among individuals in organizations. It includes the study of the impacts of people management policies and practices in organizations and their alignment with the organizational strategy. Research works include the management of organizational intangibles such as culture, leadership, and trust as a strategic competency and competitive advantage. It seeks to analyze the relations between the areas of labor relations and people management, as well as their connection with corporate social responsibility. This research track involves the areas of people, structure, processes and organizational behavior.
Corporate Finance and Accounting
The studies in this research track focus on conceptual and empirical aspects related to the elaboration, dissemination, and use of economic and financial information indecision-making about resource allocation. Also, the studies emphasize teaching and developing competencies necessary to perform these activities. It unfolds in: Audit; Corporate accounting; Corporate finance; Valuation; Risk management; Judgment and Decision-making in Finance and Accounting; Quantitative Methods Applied to Finance and Accounting; Regulation, Fraud, and Manipulation of Information.

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