About the program:

The Master in Business Management – Intensive Program is designed to serve high-level students from Brazil and abroad, who work or intend to work in the field of management or teaching. The program enables students to develop critical-analytical capacity using a strong methodological base, knowledge in innovation, and new technologies used in problem-solving in the context of management. This knowledge, combined with a solid theoretical base, offers students vast possibilities for a professional career, such as working in organizations of all sizes, starting a business, developing consulting projects, and being able to work in teaching activities.

Flexibility to unite professional and academic life:

The intensive program is structured in concentrated meetings and complementary online activities for students who reside and work outside the city of Rio de Janeiro to take the course with as few trips as possible. To this end, the program has a fixed calendar so students can organize their professional and personal agendas.

The subjects are taught in 12 concentrated cycles lasting 3 days and intervals of approximately 5 weeks. Classes start in August of each year and the program is completed in 22 months.

Target Audience

Higher-level professionals who work or want to work in the field of management and want to be prepared to make their own career choices. Having more than four years’ professional experience is desirable.

FGV MBA alumni have special conditions for this program!


The objective of this program is to contribute to professional development through new knowledge that increases management skills, the ability to innovate and to analyze and solve complex problems, offer the possibility of teaching or developing consulting projects. The solid education aims to expand the career possibilities of students who earn a master’s degree from the program.

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