• "The MPA is a Master’s Degree focused on the preparation and implementation of public policies, which is directly linked to my responsibilities at the State Planning and Management Bureau (SEPLAG), where I coordinate five areas of action in the State: Budget, Planning, Human Resources, Logistics Resources and Property.  It was important for my career as it offered room for reflection on public administration, not only in Brazil, but also at the international level."

    Planning and Management State Secretary, Rio de Janeiro State Government (2014 -2016)
    Master of Public Administration, FGV EBAPE - Regular Schedule 2013
    Cláudia Uchôa Cavalcanti
  • “Through the MPA, I could access a theoretical tool that is vital for understanding the challenges that I face every day when drawing up, implementing and assessing public policies.  This hands-on contact with the cutting edge of scientific output, exchanging experiences with colleagues and professors and analyzing countless real-life case studies were – and continue to be – fundamental for my personal development and the quality of the task that I perform in my professional life."

    President, Technical School Support Foundation (FAETEC); former Science, Technology and Innovation Secretary, Rio de Janeiro State
    Master of Public Administration, FGV EBAPE - Regular Schedule 2013
    Alexandre Sérgio Vieira
  • "The MPA provides a place that fosters professional growth by creating a time for reflection and learning.  Experiences in Brazil and abroad are shared by excellent faculty members and discussed with students working with Public Administration.  This teaching method helps build a critical view of the theories presented, with practical applicability.  The knowledge acquired enriched my career in the planning and budget area, among others, through underscoring the importance of the assessment stage in the public policy administration cycle."

    State Social Welfare and Human Rights Bureau, Rio de Janeiro State
    Master of Public Administration, FGV EBAPE - Regular Schedule 2014
    Elizabeth Menezes
  • "The MPA has an excellent range of disciplines and an outstanding faculty, attracting professionals from different niches in the direct and indirect civil service all over Brazil, enriching discussions of public policies to an even greater extent, in a highly diverse setting.  The Brazilian and international theoretical content, together with the wide variety of experiences offered by students and professors, substantially expanded my perception of policy management and implementation for the public sector in the cultural field in Rio de Janeiro State stop"

    President, Anita Mantuano Arts Foundation, Rio de Janeiro State (FUNARJ)
    Master of Public Administration, FGV EBAPE - Intensive Schedule 2013
    Felipe Caldeira Marron
  • "Studying for an MPA was a really vital experience for upgrading my professional qualifications, providing leverage for extending my sphere of action through a career as a Public Policies and Government Management Specialist while also enhancing my theoretical practical knowledge through the top-level content of the disciplines and the faculty.  There were also possibilities of exchanging experiences with fellow graduate students working in a wide variety of fields for the government and the private sector, which enhanced the Master’s Degree course of the FGV even more."

    Public Policies and Government Management Specialist; Chief of Staff, President, National Health Regulator (ANS)
    Master of Public Administration, FGV EBAPE - Regular Schedule 2014
    Lenise Barcellos de Mello Secchin


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