Preparation for Lecturing

(Last updated in: 03/10/2020 - 11:27am)
Stricto-Sensu Qualification

This course confers the title of MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION on its graduates.  As this is a stricto sensu graduate course, they are qualified to pursue academic careers in the field of administration at institutions of higher education.

Teaching Strategy

One of the main goals of this discipline is to enable its students to lecture efficiently through analyzing concepts, theories, case studies, practical sessions and reflections on practice.  They can examine theoretical contributions to the teaching-learning field, while also identifying and gaining hands-on experience of Administration teaching methods and techniques. 

Tutoring: Integration between MPA and Undergraduate Courses

An innovative experience introduced by this program is tutoring the Introduction to Public Administration (IAP) discipline that is part of the undergraduate course in Administration at the FGV/EBAPE.  Through this initiative, MPA students tutor undergraduates, offering them a chance to polish their skills, from hands-on practice through to the lectern.