• Mestrado Profissional em Administração Pública (MAP)


International Experience

The FGV/EBAPE has an internationalization strategy that is designed to firm up its status at the global level as an internationally-renowned center of excellence for top-quality teaching and research activities in the Administration field.

This is why it conducts several short and medium duration Exchange Programs that allow pupils to study abroad as part of their studies at leading business schools in the FGV/EBAPE partnership network.

Through these programs, exchange students can sign up abroad for subjects that are equivalent to the MPA disciplines – with no increase in monthly fees* – that are added to their academic records on their return. There are two options:

1) Short Programs: 5 (five), 15 (fifteen) or 30 (thirty) days

Responding to heavy demands from students seeking short-duration international modules, the Professional Master’s Degree Coordination Offices at the FGV/EBAPE have been working through partnerships and agreements with schools outside Brazil, focused on intensive modules equivalent to one or two credits, exclusively for students in these programs. Each student may earn up to four credits for international modules during the course. Program coordinators are in charge of publicizing the modules, together with their criteria and student eligibility.

2) Conventional: 3 (three) or 6 (six) months

The Exchange Program offered by the FGV/EBAPE is designed for all students wishing to study abroad. This is a chance to sign up for subjects outside Brazil while paying the usual fees in Brazil, with no additional outlays or expenditures at the teaching institution.

Check out the International Relations Department of the FGV/EBAPE for further information on how to apply for exchange programs.


The international modules are designed by the International Relations sector of the FGV/EBAPE, which administers international agreements and provides support for students eager for international experience.

Further information

* Expenditures on air tickets, accommodation, commuting, meals and personal expenses are for the account of each student.
Visiting Professor

The Master’s Degree courses at the FGV/EBAPE also feature the Visiting Professor program that welcomes lecturers from foreign universities under agreements with the School at seminars, workshops, lectures and disciplines offered to students at the School.

Partner Schools

The FGV/EBAPE has partnerships with leading business schools all over the world, actively promoting internationalization among students, faculty and institutions outside Brazil.

Check out the list of partners through this link

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