Kathryn Munt

Phoenix Learning and Development - United Kingdom

"In September 2019 I was fortunate to participate in the Action Mindset module directed by Professor Alexandre Faria of the Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e Empresarial. This experience has had a significant impact on me both professionally and personally.. Looking back on 2020, much has come about as a result of the Action Mindset module. Importantly, our mindsets around diversity and difference have changed. I thank Professor Faria for his continued support and encouragement, and would like to end this testimonial with a quote from Alex, which I believe conveys the spirit of the Action Mindset module: ‘Because we are equal, we have the right to difference and coexistence. Our secret is to respect and recognise those who are different in an innovative and generous way.’".

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Gustavo Miotti

Board Chair
Soprano Eletrometalugica - Brazil

"During the Analytical Mindset, we were exposed to different approaches to strategy and planning. This had a major impact on our company. We did a complete review of the strategic planning process. This new process allowed us to be more agile, encouraged flexibility and allowed for emergent strategies outside the normal business planning cycles. Near the end of the program, when visiting with one of my LG colleagues in Korea, I realized that our company is vulnerable to a disruptive technology. As a result, we launched a start-up company together with a top IT university in Brazil. We believe this will save our business".

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