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This is the IMPM, with leadership embedded in the practice of management. Founded by Henry Mintzberg and his colleagues internationally, the IMPM brings together experienced managers and entrepreneurs from around the world to reflect on their experience and learn from each other’s insights. Over 16 months, the managers attend five modules of 10 days each, delivered by leading business schools in England, Canada, India, Japan. Participants will get Mster's degree. The participating schools of the program are:

FGV EBAPE | Brazil
Lancaster University | England
McGill University | Canada
Yokohama National University | Japan
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore | India

IMPM gathers managers and entrepreneurs around a unique approach, proposing activities that draw on the international experience of each of the experienced participants of the program to generate reflection.

Executives from the BNDES, Lufthansa, LG, Red Cross and other public and private companies and non-governmental organizations regularly participate, creating a cycle that is renewed year after year with innovative learning methods that are not present in traditional masters, among the which we highlight:  "Friendly Consulting", "Managerial Exchanges", "IMPact Teams" and "Keynote Listening".

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Do not miss the opportunity to participate in an experience that will change your way of seeing and doing administration.

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