• International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM)

Innovative approaches

Transformative learning

Over the past two decades, we have developed a range of pedagogical innovations that will help you achieve your full potential. The innovations are simple, yet have a profound impact. They include structuring the program around five managerial mindsets:

  1. Reflective — action learning;
  2. Friendly consulting;
  3. Close learning with inter-modular mini-modules;
  4. Co-coaching; and
  5. Managerial exchanges.

You are not alone in your learning journey. In addition to a top team of administrators, you will be supported by:

  • A personal tutor who provides guidance for your papers and bridges the gap between theory and application in your workplace;
  • Two academic directors who support and guide you through your IMPM studies;
  • A cycle director who travels with the group for every module and helps integrate learning across all modules;
  • Over 75 faculty advisors whose expertise you can tap into for managerial or academic support.

Managerial Mindsets

Reflections and Insight Books

Real impactful learning does not happen without reflection. Each morning of the program, you will have the opportunity to take time for thoughtful reflection— a time to consider input by faculty, contributions from other participants, and experiences from the previous day. We provide you with a notebook where you record your observations, thoughts and insights. Then, we allow time for those who wish to share their reflections with the group. This practice of reflection becomes a daily custom for many graduates.

Friendly Consulting

Engaging managers means more than just attending workshops and discussing ideas. Friendly consulting is a competency—sharing process that focuses on the kinds of challenges and opportunities senior managers face in their business environments. You come to the table with the issues you are grappling with in your work and benefit from the experience, insights and advice of other participants in the program. 

Managerial Exchanges

Midway through the program, you pair up with one another to spend a better part of a week as host and as visitor respectively at each other's workplaces. This opportunity to observe another manager in action and to provide and receive feedback is simple yet powerful.

Impact Teams and Mini-Modules

The IMPM changes people with a view to changing organizations. One of the many ways the IMPM helps you carry your learning back to your organization in a transformative way is through impact teams. This is how it works: You designate a team of colleagues or, direct reports back at work who do the IMPM program virtually. After each module you debrief your team and discuss how to apply what you learned and how to bring about constructive change. In this way, the IMPM becomes far more than management development; it is organization development. It is a smart investment for your business or unit because the learning cascades beyond the individual to others within the organization.

Reflection Papers, Peer Coaching and Your Tutor 

With so much to learn and remember in each module, it is crucial to take time at each interval to look back and digest. That is the purpose of the reflection paper assigned to all participants at the conclusion of each module. This is not an academic paper. You are asked to apply the concepts from the module in your workplace; the paper will be a reflection of what you learned by applying these concepts. Throughout the writing process, you will connect with your tutor and a team of fellow participants who will work with you as peer coaches.

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