• International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM)

Developing leaders

Transforming Organizations

IMPM helps seasoned managers realize their leadership and career potential, recharge and refresh their outlook to achieve maximum organizational impact. 

This unique program is designed around managerial challenges instead of functional silos and is taught by world-class faculty from five top management schools in five countries.

IMPM leverages the collective wisdom of the diverse community of participants using innovative pedagogical tools and personalized program support to improve learning and drive behavioural change.

It uses a modular format that minimizes time away from work and family and costs much less than high-priced EMBA programs, resulting in a substantial return on learning.

A novel curriculum built around managerial challenges

In a global economy, understanding and learning from different ways of seeing and different ways of being are the hallmarks of an outstanding manager.

Diversity is the bedrock of the IMPM. As an authentically international program, it offers experienced managers and entrepreneurs from around the world a unique opportunity to reflect on and learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences. Learning and exchanging unfold at five leading business schools in five countries. 

The IMPM family includes entrepreneurs, family-business managers, professionals, and senior managers from companies of all sizes. Over the past two decades, participants have come from leading global corporations and public sector institutions based on five continents—from Lufthansa and LG to Fujitsu and the Brazilian Development Bank, as well as from not-for-profit organizations such as the Red Cross and the Anglican Church.

The program consists of five sequential 10-day sessions conducted over a 18-month period in five locations.

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