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The International Business Education Alliance (IBEA) is an innovative program that provides undergraduate business students with a unique and comprehensive view of the global environment of business. The alliance is formed by four top schools on 4 different regions: University of Mannheim (Germany), University of South Carolina-Darla Moore Business School (USA), ESSEC Business School (Singapure-Asia Pacific campus) and FGV/EBAPE.

The four-year Bachelor program draws on the academic expertise of each partner school and selected students will study part of the program as one cohort, staying one semester at each of the four participating institutions, while paying tuition at the home institution.


Student Experience – Be a Global Citizen!

IBEA’s unique benefit for undergraduate business students is the international cohort experience. The cohort will consist of around 40 students each year, selected through the respective home institution, which means participants will have the unique opportunity to meet and study alongside students from all over the world, developing a springboard for their future professional networks. While working on a corporate project at each participating business school, IBEA provides its students with the exposure to the regional business intelligence. This program captures the need for a globalized workforce and will train the next generation of global managers.

Program Objectives

  • Provide undergraduates with a unique and comprehensive view on the global environment of business, leveraging on similarities and differences;
  • Draw on the academic expertise of each partner school;
  • Develop cross-cultural competence within project teams;
  • Engage with corporate partners for company projects in each country (e.g. at Mannheim partnership with PWC and ERNST & YOUNG -EY).