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Application Requirements for EBAPE Students

The highest-achieving applicants will be accepted on the basis of the academic results (C.R).
Students will need to comply with the rules and regulations, criteria and evaluation terms of each of the partner institutions.


EBAPE students eligible to take part in the IBEA program need to:

  • Be enrolled in EBAPE’s undergraduate program at the time of application.

Have completed at least 4 (four) semesters at EBAPE. Students who have been transferred from other programs or institutions must ensure they have completed 4 semesters, 2 of which at EBAPE’s Undergraduate Program.
Have CR (performance coefficient) equal or higher than 7.0.
Have good command of English, demonstrated by an academic English language test (IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL IBT 88).
Be over 18, otherwise need to present a special release form signed by parents or legal guardian. Students who are financially dependent will need to present the document entitled “Termo de Compromisso”, duly signed by a parent/legal guardian.
Register with the Office of Academic Registration (S.R.A.) to go on exchange for 18 months in 3 countries. The complete documentation must be handed in to the Office of Academic Registration (SRA) within a maximum of 120 (one hundred twenty) days before the start of the course abroad.

Required documentation:

Ficha de Inscrição (Registration Form) duly filled in and signed.
Study plan with appropriate course descriptions, in the original language and a version in Portuguese, together with the Validation of Course Form.
Copy of transcript or grade report.

Program Validation

The student will be required to complete the necessary courses, which will have been previously informed by each host institution. However, he/she will be free to study other subjects that may be of personal / academic interest. Students are required to pass each semester in accordance with each host institution’s course validation rules. EBAPE students will be required to validate the equivalent of 30 ECTS (European Credit System) per semester and obtain an overall average of 7.0 minimum after conversion of grades.

Upon returning to EBAPE, the student should request that the courses taken are included in the School’s transcript. The student who has successfully completed all the courses during his/her semesters abroad will present the transcript of each partner school so that the courses can be validated.

For further details on the Application procedure please check the "Edital".


At the end of the IBEA program, all successful participants will receive a Document of Completion countersigned by each of the participating institutions.