Research Tracks

(Last updated in: 11/21/2016 - 3:33pm)

Business Strategy

Analyses of processes and interventions designed to alter relationships between organizations, markets and society.  Studies on the formation and management of strategic alliances, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and internationalization processes.  Analyses of the impacts of strategies and market phenomena on corporate performances and also explores the process of formulating and implementing managerial and technological innovations, with other areas involved, including entrepreneurship, innovation, governance, marketing, Information Systems, internationalization, business processes, strategy and taking decisions.

Behavior and Strategic Management of People

This track examines the behavioral dynamics of individuals and the relationships and interactions among individuals and organizations, encompassing the study of the impacts of policies and practices on people management and labor relations and organizations, in addition to their alignment with organizational strategy.  It also investigates the management of intangible corporate assets such as culture, leadership and relationships of trust as a strategic skill and competitive advantage, while analyzing relationships among the labor relations, management and people areas, in addition to links with corporate social responsibility, involving the people, structure, processes and organizational behavior areas.

Corporate Finance and Accounting

Encompasses studies and research projects addressing conceptual and/or empirical aspects of the preparation, disclosure and use of economic and financial information in resource allocation decisions, in addition to teaching and developing the competencies required for such actions, broken out into: Auditing; Corporate Accounting; Corporate Finance; Evaluation; Risk Management; Judgment and Decision-Taking in Finance and Accounting; Quantitative Methods Applied to Finance and Accounting; Regulation, Fraud and Data-Rigging.