(Last updated in: 11/21/2016 - 3:58pm)

The total Program cost is US$ 75,000, which includes monthly fees, dues, professor materials, accommodation, coffee breaks and lunch during the modules in Washington DC, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona and Shanghai.  This amount does not include air tickets, local transportation etc.  The trip for the final introduction of the Master’s dissertation and the graduation ceremony is optional, and is not included in the fees.  
Corporate package options are available for groups.

Form of Payment:

The fees must be paid in five instalments:

  • US$ 5,000 deposited within three weeks after receipt of the Letter of Acceptance (not refundable)
  • Invoice 1 – US$ 30,000
  • Invoice 2 – US$ 15,000
  • Invoice 3 – US$ 15,000
  • Invoice 4 – US$ 10,000