Carla Carvalho da Veiga

Adjunct professor

Professor at FGV EBAPE. She has been acting in the industrial, corporate and governmental areas, as well as lecturer and researcher, mostly in areas like Business Process Management, Quality and Lean Business, Logistics, Strategic and Competitiveness Intelligence, Technology-Based Development of Products and Business, Innovation, Technology Transfer and Bioeconomy. She acted as Coordinator and Professor in the Undergraduate Engineering Courses at Universidade Candido Mendes, Professor in the Management Course at IBMEC and FGV EBAPE, and Professor in the Management Course for The Brazilian Navy Officers, provided by FACC/UFRJ. Currently, she acts as a Professor at FGV EBAPE and as Visiting Professor at IEAPM/UFF. 

Educational Background 

  • PhD in Production Engineering, Graduate Engineering Program Department, Rio de Janeiro Federal University (COPPE/UFRJ). 
  • MSc in Management Systems, Graduate Engineering Program Department, Fluminense Federal University (UFF). 
  • Bachelor's in Production Engineer (UERJ). 

Fields of Interest 

  • Business Process Management, 
  • Quality and Lean Business, 
  • Logistics, 
  • Strategic and Competitiveness Intelligence, 
  • Technology-Based Development of Products and Business, 
  • Technology Transfer. 


  • Professional Master in Public Administration (MAP)


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