Undergraduate students have a technical visit to AMBEV

This initiative is an opportunity to demonstrate to students the multidisciplinary nature of the administration field and the real challenges of managing a company.


The visit to the production plant of the beverage manufacturer AMBEV in Rio de Janeiro occurred in the first half of April. It was a joint activity organized by two courses offered for students in the first semester of the Undergraduate Program in Administration: Organizational Structures and Processes (EPO) and Psychology (PSI)

Students from the Botafogo and Barra da Tijuca units experienced the company’s business processes and the dynamics of operations, identifying concepts studied in the classroom

Accompanying the students during their visit to the AMBEV facilities, the professor responsible for the course Organizational Structures and Processes, Carla Veiga, pointed out that “in addition to generating integration and promoting new knowledge, the joint activity also aimed to demonstrate the multidisciplinarity inherent in the area of management, the challenges of improving processes, and the importance of aligning people’s individual goals with the company’s strategic goals.

Professor Juliana Mansur, responsible for the Psychology course, points out that the visit is an opportunity for students to see at first hand the company’s operations and processes, learning about the indicators and management behind the scenes. “Unlike the classroom and the didactically separated curriculum, the visit complements the teaching of administration as an applied social science, highlighting people and processes in organizations.”


For Alan dos Santos, a student at the Barra da Tijuca unit, “the technical visit was essential for connecting classroom knowledge to real processes. In addition, I learned several new things from professionals in the field. It was a fantastic experience.”


My experience in the technical visit to AMBEV was unique. We learned about the company’s structure and organizational processes, from production to marketing of beverages,” explains student Pedro Ribeiro





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