The study on sustainable growth in the livestock industry by Professor Diego de Faveri, is featured in the PNAS Journal

The article, Extension services can promote pasture restoration: Evidence from Brazil’s low carbon agriculture plan was published in March 2022 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America – PNAS, one of the world’s leading journals. The study is co-authored by FGV EBAPE’s professor Diego de Faveri, researcher and alumnus of FGV EBAPE’s PhD program. It identifies policies to increase productivity and other relevant measures to promote sustainable growth in the livestock industry.

The research shows that providing technical assistance to previously trained farmers leads to pasture restoration, improves soil management and conservation practices, and substantially increases farmers’ income. According to Professor De Faveri, “A cost-benefit calculation indicates that USD 1 invested in the ABC Cerrado Program [analyzed in the research] increased the profits of USD 1.08 to USD 1.45. These findings highlight the importance of providing tailored information to farmers to help them scale up sustainably, increase profitability, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions”.

The research records the impact of training and technical assistance on pasture restoration and productivity in Brazil. It was conducted through a randomized controlled trial (RCT) and analyzed the ABC Cerrado Program, a large-scale initiative launched in 2014 to promote technology adoption through a combination of training and technical assistance. The program explores the effects of different types of extension on agricultural practices, inputs use, and productivity.

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