(Last updated in: 06/04/2018 - 10:30am)

Study on paternalistic leadership receives international award

The paper titled ‘Shades of Paternalistic Leadership Across Cultures’, written by professors Juliana Mansur, Filipe Sobral, and Rafael Goldszmidt, from FGV’s Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE), received the award for Best Paper by the 2017 Globe Robert J. House Best Research Paper Award – an international award granted to research projects based on the data from the Globe Project – Global Leadership & Organizational Behavior Effectiveness.

Based on Juliana Mansur’s PhD thesis, the work was supervised by professor Filipe Sobral and published in the Journal of World Business in 2017. The study shows that paternalistic leadership is not universally or homogeneously endorsed by the more than 59 societies surveyed, but that different patterns of endorsement lead to idiosyncratic shades of paternalism. The paper also points out that these different shades of leadership – ranging from benevolent paternalism to exploitative paternalism – can have their acceptance and effectiveness understood through the dominant cultural guidelines in each society.

The study was chosen by a Committee formed by renowned researchers, such as Neal M. Ashkanasy, Chairman of the Committee and professor of Management at the University of Queensland (Australia); Paul Hanges, professor of Organizational Psychology at the University of Maryland (USA); and Peter W. Dorfman, former President of the Globe Project and professor emeritus at the New Mexico State University (USA).