(Last updated in: 11/01/2018 - 4:47pm)

Internationally renowned professor opens the last module of the BNDES leadership program

Also known as “mini-IMPM”, in reference to the International Masters Program for Managers, for being a condensed version of the international program, the course is designed for managers and technical experts engaged in medium or high-complexity projects for BNDES.

On September 24, professor Henry Mintzberg, from McGill University (Canada), gave the opening lecture of the sixth and final module of the BNDES Leadership and Development Program, designed and run in partnership by FGV’s Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE) and the state development bank. The foreign professor is one of the founders of the IMPM and responsible for implementing the unique “Mindsets”approach.

The mini-IMPM has a duration of 112 hours, in addition to exchange and applied work projects. The program started in November 2017, interspersed in two- or three-day modules of lectures that take place each month, with completion scheduled for December 2018 with a closing workshop.

“The program addresses competencies, skills and collective ambitions relevant for management in highly complex contexts, such as development management, which is the raw material of the BNDES, and highlights the management and development binomial. By engaging managers and technical experts involved in highly complex activities, the program contributes to strengthening and re-articulating the management and development binomial, strengthening the bank’s collective capacity to effectively participate in development management at different levels”, said Paulo Faveret Filho, Public Sector Relationship Manager at the BNDES.

The sixth “mini-IMPM” module at the BNDES coincides with the fifth IMPM module in Brazil, which took place between October 15 and 25, 2018 at EBAPE. The School is welcoming students from the international program for the seventh year in a row. The IMPM has a duration of 16 months and is held by five world-class administration schools. Participants stay at each of the administration schools that are part of the course for 10 days: Lancaster University (England), McGill University (Canada), Yokohama National University (Japan), Bangalore (India) and EBAPE (Brazil).