FGV hosts annual meeting of global network of business and economics schools

FGV’s Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE) organized the Annual Conference of representatives of the member schools of the Network of International Schools of Business and Economics (NIBES) on June 27-30. The global alliance has existed since 1996 and comprises approximately 20 business or economics schools across 19 countries.

The Rio NIBES Conference was featured representatives of the member schools. EBAPE was represented by professor Flávio Vasconcelos, Dean of the school, and Monica Balanda, Coordinator of the International Relations Department and in charge of organizing and coordinating the event. The event also included presentations by professors Daniela Campello and Claudia Costin (keynote speaker), as well as professors Patrick Behr and Rafael Goldszmidt, who presented their research projects and shared an in-depth overview of Brazilian economy, politics, and education.

One of the advantages of EBAPE being a part of this alliance is the ease of interaction with the partners, as the number of members is small. NIBES represents a good platform to develop and improve the mobility of professors and students, and can be seen as a strategic tool to establish scholar exchange programs. During the annual meetings, the ease of communication and access to the partners makes dealings much more productive, and the conferences offer an excellent opportunity for the host school to showcase and disseminate its academic excellence internationally,” said Monica Balanda.

EBAPE officially joined NIBES in 2014, during the annual conference held in Moscow (Russia). In order to stay in the network, all member schools must have mobility programs with other members of the network, in addition to attending all annual meetings. Since then, EBAPE has participated in the annual conferences in Pforzheim (Germany) and Seoul (South Korea), and now takes on the responsibility of hosting the event, in 2017.


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